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  1. Alejandro_Andretti

    35s vs Car Wash

    Looks. Complexity different
  2. Alejandro_Andretti

    Hemi throttle hesitation

    I think it’s the traction control. No idea why but when I turn mine off via the switch under the aC it’s much better when taking off from a stop..
  3. Alejandro_Andretti

    Leak above rear window through headliner? 2019 Rebel

    I think there’s an extended warranty for it. I just took mine today and they told me they’re on back order if I want to leave mine it might be 3 months. I looked at th ***** and “said yea ok” call around local dealerships and ask if they have some in stock I’m going to do so on Monday
  4. Alejandro_Andretti


    Thought this was a back page post
  5. Alejandro_Andretti

    Cup holders when you don’t have deluxe console

    I’ve had bad experiences with that cup holder o wouldn’t recommend.. last one got me this MOD
  6. Alejandro_Andretti

    Check for sludge in your Radiator overfill (5.7 Hemi)

    I had this issue a while back and noticed my coolant is low too recently.. how did you find out about the head gasket? I have 43k on a 2020
  7. Alejandro_Andretti

    Only In Florida... Man drives Ram truck in Ocean

    Gotta test the 4 wheel drive before purchase
  8. Alejandro_Andretti

    Wiper blade “bushing”

    I appreciate the info. Seems odd that it’s coming apart, I guess I’ll have to look up how to replace it
  9. Alejandro_Andretti

    Wiper blade “bushing”

    Just noticed this today on the driver side wiper.. I’m not to sure how the bushing works but with a. Rain storm coming to California this week I will I be good to keep th truck out or will water makes its way into th truck. I heard stories of flooded cabin air filter and floor boards
  10. Alejandro_Andretti

    2022 Ram 1500 Bighorn Seat Stitching coming apart

    My seat was coming apart and the dealer swapped them under warranty. I’d go to a different dealership
  11. Alejandro_Andretti

    Flashing Engine light while in run.....

    did this ever go away? I have the same light after a dead battery this morning
  12. Alejandro_Andretti

    P0304 cylinder 4 misfire.

    I appreciate all the replies I’m hoping it’s under power train warranty, I have 41k on the dash for a 2020 etorque.. but I woke up this morning to move it from the street, and the CEL was still on but when I parked it I popped the hood. Pushed these clips in and the lights turned off. I’ll keep...
  13. Alejandro_Andretti

    Heavy Condensation/Mold Growing

    lol I don’t even check the dates 😂
  14. Alejandro_Andretti

    Heavy Condensation/Mold Growing

    They’re lazy at j star take it to Ontario they replaced my rear glass
  15. Alejandro_Andretti

    P0304 cylinder 4 misfire.

    Just wondering if a cylinder 4 misfire is covered under power train warranty? I just got the code today and won’t be able to see the dealership till Thursday and I still have to drive th truck I wonder if it’ll be fine. No rough idle or nothing
  16. Alejandro_Andretti

    Brown Sludge on Coolant Dipstick?

    Took mine in when I first noticed this awhile back they said they ram a pressure test or whatever and everything was normal. But since reading this I wonder if they over looked this issue. It still have sludge since then
  17. Alejandro_Andretti

    Wheel well liners

    Nothing states that they fit Rambox is why I ask.
  18. Alejandro_Andretti

    Wheel well liners

    U Do you have some that fit with th ram boxes?
  19. Alejandro_Andretti

    Help with proper tire pressure

    I run 40 psi year round with 285/65/20 if you want a smoother ride you go slightly lower. If you’re towing you’d go higher.. I wouldn’t go below 30 unless off roading
  20. Alejandro_Andretti

    Brown Sludge on Coolant Dipstick?

    Mopar has a coolant flush coupon for certain locations right now. J Star in Anaheim hills CA has it for around 90$ up to a gallon of coolant so you’ll pay for the additional needed unless they take care of you