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    Toyo Open Country AT3 - 305/45r22 - My Impressions

    Thanks man, i think I will go with the Michelin Defenders, they are only 2 lbs heavier then stock tires, so fuel economy and acceleration should be very close. Some of the AT tires are 10-12lbs heavier.
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    Toyo Open Country AT3 - 305/45r22 - My Impressions

    Those tires look great. I am about to swap my original tires (285/45R22). My truck came with Pirellis, they are just ok. I want something wider to avoid rim scratches. Thanks for posting your review about 305/45R22. I think this will be the size i will go to. I just need to decide on the tire. I...
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    Need photos of 305/45 R22 wheels

    Great - thanks for sending the link too. I did view this particular model on Amazon but there are mixed reviews about it, some even say it breaks apart while driving at highway speed. I guess i'll give it a try.
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    Need photos of 305/45 R22 wheels

    Hi Ram-a-Kin, Could you tell me which brand/model name is your "bug deflector" ? Do you like it?
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    Need photos of 305/45 R22 wheels

    Thanks a lot everyone!
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    Need photos of 305/45 R22 wheels

    Hey dudes, I have seen some photos of upgraded tires here but i am specifically looking for 305/45 R22. If you have these tires on your truck please post some photos. Did you install them on original 22" rims? I read the original rims are a bit too narrow, only 9" but should be between 9.5" -...
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    Which tire size?

    Also with the new wider tires (305/45 R22) is the ride a little better/softer?
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    Which tire size?

    Thanks for the response. Did you notice any loss of MPG? I get about 500 to 550 on full tank (33 gal.) My average is 17.5 MPG mostly (about 70%) highway driving. What's yours?
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    Which tire size?

    Hi everyone! I bought 2022 RAM 1500 Limited. It has 285/45 R22 wheels (with air suspension). I want to upgrade the tires (but not the wheels) because ride is a little stiff. Which combination should i go with? Option 1) 285/50 R22 OR 2) 305/45 R22. Both options should fit without any wheel...
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    2022 Uconnect 5 Traffic and Weather

    I had my truck for 5 months. Traffic and weather never worked. I actually thought that it was my fault not knowing how to turn it on. Turns out that I should've had it all along. I am hesitant to do a factory reset since it may fix the traffic but it could mess something else up and i am only 1...
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    Does Android Auto display full screen?

    I have 2022 Ram 1500 limited and android auto doesn't display full screen. It's only half screen (actually a bit less then that). I am really disappointed at Ram since android auto allows full screen display (I read) and it's up to the manufacturer to implement it.
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    Playing Recorded Music From A USB Flash Stick

    I just bought 2022 ram 1500 limited and tried to play MP3s and WAV files from USB. It plays mp3s but not wav tracks. Not sure why.
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    33 x 12.5 R22 ridge grapplers installed on Stock 22” limited wheels

    Can some tell me what is the exact mesurment from road to rim on the 22" wheels? Is it at least 4". Im thinking of buying the limited trim and the 22" are the only nice looking wheels but I'm afraid that i will be popping tires often here on NY roads.