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  1. Nedbeir

    Low Oil Pressure at Idle

    My Sis just took her Chevy into her dealer and noticed something different sound with her little diesel. Checked the oil and it didn’t even read on the dipstick. This is why I’ve been changing my own oil for 24+ years.
  2. Nedbeir

    When are you doing your first oil change?

    I’m leasing my truck and the dealer said every 5k bring it in. I’ll do that but I will take it in at 2k for the first oil change. I am a former Indiana State Trooper who drove a new 2011 charger with 46 miles on it. First oil change on that was 2k and that was under HARSH conditions. It lasted...
  3. Nedbeir

    New 5th gen 1500

    On the window sticker it says Bighorn/Lonestar
  4. Nedbeir

    20 years Ford owner vs 2019 Ram - RAM FTW

    Welcome to the Ram Family. I just love that 5.7!!
  5. Nedbeir

    New 5th gen 1500

    I haven’t been able to find additional features with the Lonestar. I think it’s just a name they added.
  6. Nedbeir

    New 5th gen 1500

    Here are some pics. It’s so dirty but once I get home I’ll get him all cleaned up. Funny question, does anyone else give their truck a name? My sister does and she made me name mine. Gave it the name Branson, which is the first place we took it.
  7. Nedbeir

    New 5th gen 1500

    Just picked up my 2019 all new billet silver 5th Gen, Bighorn / Lonestar Crew, 5.7, 3.21 gears, 25Z package, LED’s, (9) Alpine speakers and remote start two days ago. After 500 miles I’m so impressed with this rig. It’s ride, it’s power, it’s stereo and it’s great looks! I wasn’t impressed with...