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    New truck with uconnect issues

    12 inch Uconnect touch screen doesn't work half the time. It disconnects randomly and reconnects. Sound cuts out too. Screen sometimes doesn't turn on. Pop up message of obeying traffic laws or Bluetooth disconnecting. Can't use a ton of different things and even listening to music is...
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    Looking for suggestions for performance chip, intake and exhaust

    I have a new 2022 Longhorn. I'm interested in getting these performance parts to increase hp, diminish lag on throttle, improve engine efficiency and even better if it improves mpg. I've head of a few brands for the intake and exhaust but I'm still shooting in the dark and I don't want to miss...
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    Looking to Mod my new Longhorn for MPG

    its not that its not affordable but if you're planning to keep the truck for 8+ yrs why not save me $ on the way. Planning on enjoying my new truck, not going to daisy drive it.
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    Looking to Mod my new Longhorn for MPG

    Makes sense. So lowering the truck height will help. Good note. Wonder if it's a big job to lower the truck.
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    Looking to Mod my new Longhorn for MPG

    That makes sense. Good tip thank you
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    Looking to Mod my new Longhorn for MPG

    This is helpful. Thank you
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    Looking to Mod my new Longhorn for MPG

    Finally for my beautiful 2022 Longhorn 1500. But with gas going up to $5/Gallon, I need to try to help the fuel efficiency and looking to ad some mods but could use advice. Heard performance intake and performance exhaust would help with this. Also thinking of adding the Pedal Max by JMS to...
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    Start of 2022 Production.

    Can't tell you guys how happy I am for my truck finally coming in. Got an insane deal but been waiting almost 8 months. Worth it. Dream truck. Been driving around in a Toyota Sienna to get by :(