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  1. J

    Speedometer Calibration

    Ahhh…that explains it. I typically drive around with my phone plugged in, but I took the chord out when I dropped my truck off at the dealership and didn’t bring it with me when I picked it up. Good to know — thanks for the correction.
  2. J

    Speedometer Calibration

    If the speed indicated on a phone app can be trusted, my 2021 1500 bighorn recalibrated itself after a couple days of driving.
  3. J

    Updated 2" Mopar Lift/Level Kit - Discussion

    After reading this thread I decided to go for the mopar lift on my 2021 Bighorn (non-ORP). Just had it installed along with some 18x9 (+0) wheels and 285/75 tires. I’m pretty dang happy with the way it turned out, even though the dealer did a poor job on the balance and alignment (figure I’ll...
  4. J

    Some Real World MPG Numbers

    Makes sense. I wonder if the increased diameter would negatively effect mpg enough around town to offset gains made at highway speeds (obviously, the ratio of city/hwy matters here). I’ve been considering something like a terra grappler G2 in 275/65 r20 when it’s time for new tires. The only...
  5. J

    Some Real World MPG Numbers

    So would going to a 34” tire with a 3.92 have the potential to increase mpg at highway speeds? Or would the added weight negate the effect?
  6. J

    Some Real World MPG Numbers

    I have a 2021 crew cab 5.7 w/ etorque, 3.92, 4x4, and a payload of 1600 (everything stock). The lifetime average says 15.8 mpg with just under 6,000 miles. I have no idea the ratio of city/hwy in terms of mileage, but nearly all of my hwy driving comes on weekends when I go on longer drives for...
  7. J

    Towing sag

    Here’s what mine looks like with a similar load (just shy of 7000 lb dry). I have a wd hitch, but no air bags. It definitely sags a lot — more than I like, if I’m being honest — but not as much as yours. A wd hitch set up properly should help.