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    Cup Holder Coasters

    My '23 didn't come with any inserts. I was trying to figure out what size to order as manufactures seem to make different sizes.
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    Cup Holder Coasters

    Cool. thanks for the link
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    JScan "Off Road Capable"

    Thanks for chiming in @Jimmy07 that puts that to bed.
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    JScan "Off Road Capable"

    It is UC5, 8" I am using JScan so I don't see off road pages, just off road capable. My truck was born free of communication from Ram. Its a 2023 big horn, if that matters.
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    JScan "Off Road Capable"

    Dang, I thought I had that in the ole sig. Its a '23 2500 cummins
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    JScan "Off Road Capable"

    Well damn. I was hoping it enabled some crap in the EVIC. However this is the most conversation I've seen on the topic, so I appreciate all the input.
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    JScan "Off Road Capable"

    Anyone know what happens if I enable "Off Road Capable" with JScan what would happen? I've asked several places with no answers, but surely someone has enabled that with Alfa even.
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    Loud Rumbling/Revving Noise

    Take it to the dealer and put two people in the backseat. It will make the drone sound. Mine did that after it was "fixed".
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    Another reverse LED idea

    This maybe the video you're looking for.
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    Bed Light Kit

    Nah, that's terrible. I think I paid 120 for the labor
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    Added OEM Fogs to my Bighorn today

    I have a new body style DT. I also had the dealer install the driving lights. It's weird but I am pretty sure I didn't have any problems until I changed the halogen low beams to LED bulbs. But I just may not have noticed it either. I did take it back and wish I would have asked how they fixed...
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    Shell rotella gas truck oil

    How much total oil does it take to change oil in our Hemi's?
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    Added OEM Fogs to my Bighorn today

    I had to have mine flashed. They lights would temporarily work then not work.
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    Very dimly lit dash panel

    Same issue...
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    Upper glove box light

    My lower glove box light stays on. The rod on the on/off switch is too short to turn the light off. Wanna know how I know? I added a rubber vacuum cap to the rod and it turns the switch off. I went to the dealership today and they are trying to warranty a new glove box door for me. We'll see how...
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    Night Edition Issue

    I'm just curious, did you buy the truck sight unseen? Or just didn't look at the exhaust?
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    AutoDimming Side Mirrors - Installed from Factory but Not Shown on Window Sticker or Build Sheet

    Possibly. I've seen this debate a while back. For some reason I'm thinking it ended in they just don't dim. Mine don't, but I do have a Bighorn with driver side dimming.
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    Mopar Bed assist Handles

    I installed one for the heck of it. Never used it though.
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    Change all them interior lights to LED's. You'll never turn them on again :ROFLMAO: