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  1. Kicker

    Evolv chip?

    Anyone try this thing yet? https://evolvchips.com/
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    FitCamX dashcam

    That's kind of generic, How do you do it, what app, etc. with your iphone?
  3. Kicker

    So here is an odd one

    Maybe too much RF flying around in the cab?
  4. Kicker

    FitCamX dashcam

    Thanks, I wanted to save a part of a clip, saw an Eagle on the side of the road having breakfast off some poor good sized fur ball, all of 3 seconds. :)
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    So here is an odd one

    So this morning I am sitting in my RAM, downloading a video file off my FitCamX, I wanted to grab 2 of them. I had just come back from shopping so I let the engine idle while I did this as the camera has to be powered up, sure, I could have shout it off and use ACC mode, but I didn't. Almost to...
  6. Kicker

    FitCamX dashcam

    Hey, what are you guys using for video editing software so you can get just the 10-30 seconds of video from the camera video file rather than watching or uploading the whole 3 minutes? I mean on your PC after you save the file.
  7. Kicker

    Security Thoughts on trucks other than TRX

    First thing I did was hide an Apple Air Tag in the truck and my wifes GC, so at least it can be found.
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    Funny Memes or Pictures or Political, Rants, etc.

    I use to live in Mass, moved to NH (back to) and love it, I can hear the gun club going Pew, Pew. Sounds like freedom!
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    Official EPA numbers for the hurricanes posted

    I'd still rather have a HEMI.
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    Vehicle buy back.

    Um, This is the RAM forum is it not?
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    Funny Memes or Pictures or Political, Rants, etc.

    I wonder if this will work in my Rebel? https://www.oreillyauto.com/flux-500.html?q=121g
  12. Kicker

    Don't be like me.

    Yeah but you got a really good starter out of it. 😋