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    Trailer with Lithium Battery

    My guess? You left something turned on. Charge the battery... Get a DC clamp meter on the battery lead... start your troubleshooting from there disconnecting and turning thins off one thing at a time
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    Retrofitting the 33 gallon tank

    mine (factory 26) just started having this fill issue. Saw where some peoples roll over valve was getting stuck. since it is integral to the tank they were having to replace the whole thing. saw a youtube video where a guy unstuck his with an inspection camera. shoved a camera down fill...
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    Power to trailer

    From memory so you might take what I'm saying with a grain of salt. Trailer running lights are fed from an under hood 20A MCASE style fuse. I have a tilt equipment trailer that is driven by a double acting hydraulic pump. Learned quickly that the trailer battery is wired in parallel...
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    Center console to bench seat swap Complete

    Ill have a cloth jump to list in the EE soon. You'd have to convert it to leather
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    Air Compressor recommendation

    Thats good to know. The thought to try had crossed my mind but was quickly dismissed after seeing the 4 amp draw listed on the nameplate. Thought startup would for sure kill the OEM 400W inverter
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    Air Compressor recommendation

    The Op's question was for a compressor to fill tires on the road (mobile). The Vair mentioned makes 1.25 CFM at 30 psi or 1.15 CFM at 40 (typical tire pressure in a RAM 1500) . The Fortress isnt going to do much more then the rated 0.7 even after you quickly deplete its little 1 gallon tank...
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    Air Compressor recommendation

    My vote is for the Vair or similar (i have a couple superflow MV-50s and an MV90 I'm super happy with). The fortress compressor is not a horrible idea if you have an inverter to run it. bonus is that it should catch a lot of moisture, has a small tank attached and could be used away from the...
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    CPO question

    My 2020 CPO RAM originally came with the 36/36 B2B warranty and 5yr /60K Powertrain. It's my understanding that the CPO extended the powertrain to 7 year / 100K but has a $100 deductible per claim (this was per the dealer and also indicated on the carfax report I pulled)
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    AirBags - Timber Grove vs AirLift 5000 Ultimate Plus+

    UPDATE: With the weight I carry around every day (guess 1000#). 15psi seems to be the minimum pressure I need to run if I want to keep the truck from bottoming out the bags over decent bumps in the road. Guess I must of been relying on the jounce bumpers a lot more then I realized over the...
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    AirBags - Timber Grove vs AirLift 5000 Ultimate Plus+

    As recommended in this thread I ordered a set of Timber Grove helper bags for my 2020 DT. After 4 months on the shelf I finally got them installed today. The truck typically sits a hair less than level due to an oversized Knaack job box (4830) permanently mounted in the bed. With it ...
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    Rear Bed Step Hitting Exhaust

    factory 2020 BH does it. I dont sweat it.
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    everyone hate there 3:21 gears?

    "Their" is always fodder feeding the grammar monsters. =-) If we don't let it float to the top every now and then someone would just post something worse. I think of it like leaving a small ding in the truck because I know if I ever fixed it the truck would get totaled the next day. 3:21...
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    What do want to see made for the 5th Gen Ram 1500???

    It is my understanding that the 2nd tray from the HD trucks will NOT fit the 1500 DT trucks. I saw where one guy got it to work but he had to modify the tray including affixing a 1" or larger electrical LB conduit body underneath for support. I'd like something more ---- refined I have the...
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    What do want to see made for the 5th Gen Ram 1500???

    2nd battery tray would be a winner
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    Thoughts - DIY immobilizer button

    Ya know... another thought (if even possible) locate a wire behind the rotary shifter that controls the interlock to put it into drive. I don't think I care if the truck starts as long as it cant move.
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    Thoughts - DIY immobilizer button

    See post #5 I have a background in physical security and I can say with some authority that the vast majority of thieves are not going to lay under a dash with a toner and start tracing out wires. If they ever do I'll make sure to come here and eat crow =) Its on my to-do-soon list. I'm...
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    Rear spring help?!

    Can’t say it is a good idea or not but If you tow at all and are wanting a little bump up I’d probably consider installing Timber Grove air bags in the rear
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    Air Lift 5000 Airbags on a Rebel

    please post during and after install. Im really wanting to add these to my 2020. I have an oversized Knaak box in the bed full time. the added load is 600-1000# depending on what i have in the bed at any given time. Id like to get the back end above level again
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    Wireless carplay

    There is a $30 off coupon on Amazon right now which puts it at about $70. not too bad I have a 2.0 and really like it. Have to reset it from time to time (maybe once a week at most) still way better then having to dicker with the lightning cable
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    Thoughts - DIY immobilizer button

    I get your point but professional car thieves are not on my radar. Hopefully the big boys will opt for something a little nicer then my big horn There is a new breed of theft where organized crime gives tech to young low level criminals. I think high tech smash and grab. They hack fobs to...