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    Uconnect 5 is much better but…

    Could you please reveal where the ability to change tpms level on 2500’s with Uconnect 5 is located?
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    2022 Uconnect 5 Traffic and Weather

    That did not fix my weather app.
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    Does 2020 Ram 1500 still has AC not cool enough problem?

    My 2020mon ride home today with outside temp at 91 and feels like 100, temp set to 73 and on auto-vent air temp 49 degrees.
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    tonneau covers that work with the multifunction tailgate?

    2020 Ram 1500 6'4" bed with MFT and braces. No ram boxes. Gator ETX soft tri fold works without any mods. $243.
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    33s or 35s

    My Ridge Grapplers got to noisy for me at about 8000 miles.
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    Mud Flaps

    Just picked up a 2020 Limited and had the Ram rubber flaps installed before delivery. I like them much better than the hollow plastic ones I had on my 2019. They would leak water and drip on garage floor after a rain or when ice melted out of them. Not sure who the engineer was there.
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    Availability of Rambox on 6'4" bed?

    I did a search for just a 6'4" box non rambox on a 2020 limited in 150 mile radius and shows none?
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    Nitto Ridge Grappler VS BFG KO2

    I went +1 size on Nitto Ridge Grapplers but just took them off at 10,000 miles because they were noisy. Put them on another 1/2 ton at work to use them up. Put a set of Falken Wildpeak at3w in the standard 20" size in non LT and am very happy with them so far. The Nitto's looked real nice but...
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    Automatic braking concern

    Sounds like it worked fine with the boat behind-have to shutoff mine when towing anything and I have to back up.
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    does anyone like their ram??

    So from the looks of 3rd quarter sales results either there are a bunch of happy owners or a bunch of stupid people.
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    Deployable Running Boards Safety Features?

    There is a safety feature built in.
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    I know it's simple math ... But gotta like the range

    My limited with 3.92 and 6'4" bed has averaged a poor 13.5 over the first 6000 miles. No way 23 mpg unless it was all downhill.
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    Can’t believe this gas hog

    Yep-Nitto Ridge Grapplers 275/65r20. 3.92 Limited long box 13.8 mpg average for first 6000 miles.
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    Scheduled maintenance: dealer says TSBs only on request

    Recalls will be done-TSB's are not recalls.
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    '19 Multi-Functional Tailgate

    New tailgate is for 1500 only at this time. New 2500 has older shorter side box on it. Ram blew it on that one. should have used new cab and box.
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    Differences in ride quality?

    My 19 with air ride is great down to around zero. Had 4 or 5 times this winter where it sat outside all day in below zero weather and it was really stiff for the first 10 miles or so. I did not get the air suspension for just the ride. Got it for the self leveling feature and off road ride height.
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    Help Deciding, Ordering new Ram tomorrow.

    Like the gator cover so far. Like the fact I can roll it up all the way to back of cab. Have not seen it in the rain here much since the polar vortex caused by global warming has overtaken Illinois again. Have wanted posters up for the groundhog that predicted early spring. Got 3.92 because...
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    Help Deciding, Ordering new Ram tomorrow.

    Have about same truck in a Limited. Get anti spin and get the 33 gallon tank. It is not included in any packages. I have the 3.92 and it does like fuel.
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    Post Your Snowed Up Ram Pics

    What tires are those?