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  1. 6of36

    Turn Signal not turning off

    Is there a recall? Last I saw, it was only a TSB.
  2. 6of36


    I had wondered if something like that could happen. There must be some kind of sensor, that tells if the truck is moving, to prevent it, but if that sensor is bad...... All vehicles seem to be going to electronic shifters. ( Except the HDs. They still use column shift.)
  3. 6of36

    Trailer Surround Camera System

    Jimmy07 does make the harness. I don't know how much or anything, but I remember seeing a post of his saying so..
  4. 6of36

    FitCamX dashcam

    I saw a pair fanned out about a week ago. I've probably seen a hundred in the last couple years, one group of about 20. It's the first time I've seen them fanned.
  5. 6of36

    HELP! - Limited DRL LED Accent Light Not Working Only On Drive Side

    It's max care, not bumper to bumper. It's stated it doesn't cover bulbs, glass, or soft trim parts. It would probably take legal action, to fight it on the grounds, that an LED is not a bulb.
  6. 6of36

    Fitting 18 Inch Wheels?

    They are almost a half inch narrower. That little bit, can make a difference.
  7. 6of36

    Price negotiated from MSRP

    That's a very good dealer discount. Their Doc fee is double of MDs though. How did you get over $1.000 Tread Lightly? It's only supposed to be 1%. You got a bonus there. My salesman Charles, at MD is very nice. All that matters though, is you got a good deal.
  8. 6of36

    Tow Mirror Swap

    Try a junkyard. The trucks have been out for 5 years now, you may find one.
  9. 6of36

    Remote Mount Oil Filter

    As a Kid, we did the same thing. We lived on a dirt street, in the suburbs. We had city water, so didn't have to worry about ground water. Where I live now, I have a well, and don't want to do that.
  10. 6of36

    Remote Mount Oil Filter

    On that part, I was just saying how easy it is to drain. I can reach under, not having to crawl under, without any tools. And absolutely no mess. Before I installed the valve on this truck, every vehicle I have done oil changes on, for more than 50 years now, there was always a mess. I don't...
  11. 6of36

    Tow Mirror Swap

    They have a bunch of idiots for engineers and designers. Convex mirrors should be mounted to the inside of the regular mirrors, not the outside. Their placement doesn't matter , for usability, but the outer edge of a standard mirror does.
  12. 6of36

    Tow Mirror Swap

    I hated them too. That's why when my 23 that I ordered came in wrong, I reordered without them. Yes the cameras will sell. I wanted them, but couldn't order them, when I ordered. I didn't even know they were available again. They weren't available when I ordered the 23 either. At that time, they...
  13. 6of36

    Rear Window Leak 2021+ model years

    That's ridiculous. It should take a few weeks max. They probably just forgot about you. I've had a dealer supposed to check something, and when I walked in a month later, it was "oh yeah, I forgot".
  14. 6of36

    rodent damage

    I like that idea. You could attach the bottle with a zip tie, and not have to worry about the cotton balls blowing away, like I suggested, just stuffing them someplace.
  15. 6of36

    Remote Mount Oil Filter

    Fumoto valve. Attach hose, remove safety clip, open valve, drain into gallon jug, close valve, switch jugs, open valve until empty, close valve, and remove hose.
  16. 6of36

    How to Get the Best Price on Your New Ram

    When I got mine, they said affiliate can't be stacked. Tread lightly is an affiliate. Mark dodge gave me a price better than actual employee price. Having friends and family, local, they wanted $6,000 more than MD.
  17. 6of36

    Exhaust leak

    A muffler shop shouldn't have had to drill. Just heat, and remove. Even if it's flush, a good muffler man, should be able to blow it out with a torch. I used to manage a muffler shop, in my past life, and used to blow out a half dozen Chevy exhaust manifold bolts a day, without damaging the threads.
  18. 6of36

    Turn Signal not turning off

    The blinkers work, they just don't shut off. That's nothing they will recall for, but it is warrantied.
  19. 6of36

    Turn Signal not turning off

    I see I shorted you a couple numbers.
  20. 6of36

    If you've had the rear window leak...

    They released a new part, in June or July, last year. So you don't feel quite as bad, GM used the same supplier, and has the same issue. You probably won't feel better, but at least we're not alone.