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    Site Ads - What's going on?

    Site ads on any site are based off of your search habits and nothing to do with the website. If you’re seeing ads that have no relation to your search habits, it could be because you block cookies or opted out of relevant ads. I always opt out and block so the ads I see are never relevant. To...
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    New to Ram - Big Horn or Laramie?

    Go sit in them. As you mentioned, other than leather, you can equip them very similar. The Big Horns however seem to get the better discounts from the factory so the price difference can be worthy to go BH. For me, when I was looking at them, I sat in both and the style of the Laramie just...
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    Who Leases? Who Purchased?

    Damn! I applaud you for not wanting to owe anyone but do you realize how much money you could have made with that money?
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    I’m going to miss you folks.....

    Good luck with your next toy! ;) I too moved onto another vehicle a year ago but I come back now and again just to see what is going on and maybe offer some experience or opinion on a subject I am versed in. So! Don't be a stranger!
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    leasing question

    I’d recommend calling your leasing company. Only they can tell you the real answer.
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    Chirp/Squeak from brand new Laramie Sport

    My 2019 sounded exactly like that and reminded me of an old Chevy with squeaky springs going down the road. NO new vehicle should sound like that. This, the steering issue of not returning to center and other “nuances” were enough to make me move on because Ram, their servicing dealers and...
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    Right Front Chirp/Squeak

    Ram’s fixes / new parts did not long term fix the issue for my truck. One of the many reasons I’ve since moved on. Still love the looks and interior of the new Ram but their engineering did not test their changes long enough nor educate their servicing dealers.
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    Used prices

    Unless you REALLY need a vehicle right now, I’d wait. Once inventory gets back to normal, prices both new and used will settle back down....dragging the value of a vehicle bought today, way down. If you’re the type to keep a vehicle until it dies, not much of a big deal but if you want some...
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    Not a pickup, but...Bronco!

    I knew the Bronco was coming soon and I was hoping to buy one but I am disappointed. I really wanted a Bronco like the late 80s, early 90s, not the 60s and 70s. I was never a fan of that body style. It does look promising though and they are poised to try and take a large bite out of the Jeep...
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    vs. 2021 F150

    If I had to go out and choose one today, it would be the Ford, since Ford has redesigned the interior. I’ve owned a couple of F150s and 3 different Rams, the most recent, a 2019 that has already left my driveway. The airbags are hard to deny so you can give a plus to Ram on that for sure but...
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    2021 F-150 - Anyone else going to watch this tonight?

    I think I am officially old. I watched the video last night and all I could think about is how all of that new tech is not going to work consistently, people won’t know how to use it and just whine about it on forums ;) and then of course the lawsuits because the tech didn’t prevent the owners...
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    Any tips specific to my home situation?

    I learned recently that it’s how you rinse that causes a lot of the spots. While I know you do not have a pressure washer, I use mine for foaming at the beginning and end, you could still achieve a similar result washing by hand. Anyways.....after you wash an area, say the roof. Rinse it while...
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    Maintain Battery During Shelter-in-Place

    Do you really consider this as necessary? My tractor starts after storing it for the winter.
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    trade value

    Depends what model you get, they all ride differently. The one time my Ram was in for service I took a walk over to the Toyota dealer next door and test drove an off road version. After a mile, I told the sales guy that this sucks and no way could I ever own one of these. He said you need to...
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    trade value

    When I started looking into them I was sticker shocked! Especially when I started getting actual pricing. A good deal off sticker is 10%. A great deal is 12% and 13% is the Unicorn deal. That was hard to “sink in” because I was use to getting 20% + off sticker on the last 4 full size American...
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    trade value

    I went the small route with a 2020 Toyota Tacoma Limited. Kids are older now and I don’t need the room like I use to. I had a few of them before the kids in the 90s, early 00s and loved them. Can’t tell you how nice it is to zip around and not have to worry about being ding‘d parking. I don’t...
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    trade value

    I got out of my 2019 for the same reasons you are entertaining. Trading or selling a 2019, you already know you are going to take a beating. I paid about $43k for my 2019 and received a little over $30k as trade. So it was a $13k hit after a little over a year of ownership. Grasp the numbers...
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    Too many trolls?

    Not a troll here but I’ve moved on from my 5th Gen. Ram. Had a 4th before it. With that said..... Before Ram, I came from Ford forums and now I find myself on Toyota forums. I can honestly say that this forum and other Ram forums have by far more complaints than the prior or current forums I...
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    How much did you get for your 5th Gen. Trade In or Sale?

    My own created thread and I forgot to post my results ;). So I ended up selling my Big Horn to a dealer. I used , Carvana, Vroom, CarSense and a couple of dealers. The online quotes were low, CarSense and dealers were very similar. This was not part of a trade or other pending deal, it was an...
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    What did you do to your Ram today???

    2020 Tacoma Limited 4WD Double Cab, already picked it up. Yep, I went full old man! LOL No Off Road Packages, no Pro, just a nice 4WD truck with every option under the sun. ;) I've had them in the past before I went full size back in the day and I've always enjoyed them.