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  1. SD Rebel

    Does it fit?

    I will say my S22 Ultra does not fit fully with or without a case, I have to lay it on it's side. Based on specs online, I would say your Pixel will not fit flat. You can have it touching on the top and standing up, but it will be canted forward and won't make contact with the charging base...
  2. SD Rebel

    On Road all terrain tire recommendations

    I think there would be a large market for tough looking street oriented tires for sure. They do have hybrid tires, which have all-season centers and all-terrain outers, but not quite at the aggressive sidewall that truck guys would like. Maybe a step down from the AT/MT hybrids that are...
  3. SD Rebel

    On Road all terrain tire recommendations

    Looks of course, which is a big component for anything automotive. Not sure how many Rebels, Tremors, Trail Bosses and TRD Pros hit the trail, but I'm sure it isn't the majority. Lots of guys get levels and put on 35" A/Ts or M/Ts, very rarely is the reason off-roading. There are A/T these...
  4. SD Rebel

    Anyone getting a 2025 with the I6 Hurricane?

    That's probably a 24' or older. The wheels on the 25 are hollow spoke, not sure if they still use that 3rd brake light, even on base models, but the big tell is the tail lights. There is only one white strip on the 2025 trucks rear tail light in the middle, instead of the top and bottom on the...
  5. SD Rebel

    Possible 2025 RHO unveiling??

    That would be awesome!
  6. SD Rebel

    Possible 2025 RHO unveiling??

    A true 6-cylinder Raptor competitor in the same price point would honestly be pretty cool. Though now the Raptor still has and will continue to make the GT500 powered V8 Raptor R, which means the tables have turned in the dino truck category. What's interesting is if RAM ever gets another TRX...
  7. SD Rebel

    Check for sludge in your Radiator overfill (5.7 Hemi)

    Appreciate it! I discovered that was the case, not sure why it looks orange under light, but just dab it with a paper towel and it's freaking purple!
  8. SD Rebel

    Saturday Morning in the Desert

    The OEM black skid plate: 5ZB47GXHAA - Front Bumper 2020-2024 Ram 1500 | Mopar Wholesale Parts Part: 5ZB47GXHAA THE OEM black grill letters: Authentic Mopar Emblem Blacked Out RAM Front Grille Badge - 68298470AA | Mopar Online Parts Part: 68298470AA You can get cheaper prices than the links I...
  9. SD Rebel

    Saturday Morning in the Desert

    I've been considering buying and installing the OEM black skid plate, it isn't too expensive, but the labor involved was surprisingly extensive. I think masking and painting the OEM one maybe the better way to go. Maybe even the RAM letters on the grill, the OEM ones are $75 for those small...
  10. SD Rebel

    Saturday Morning in the Desert

    Yup, called being featureless, essentially no pistol grip or flash hider if you want to have a standard removable magazine in CA. Most use a standard style pistol grip but with a removable fin. My AR-15 looks like a space gun with the stalk/grip and compressor I have on my rifle. Another...
  11. SD Rebel

    What would you prefer?

    I have enough power, but at 13 mpg lifetime, I would be very happy with a few more of those.
  12. SD Rebel

    MDS.. on or off?

    Maybe the oil that they actually sell at the dealership? I did check pup, which I also am using now since I can get it much cheaper than gas truck, it's same thing just meets or exceeds. Agreed, I don't pay too much attention since they're all pretty much the same these days.
  13. SD Rebel

    MDS.. on or off?

    Interesting, what oils specifically states approved by Chrysler for that spec? I still have a Shell Rotell Gas Truck 5W-20, which not only has the DT Ram on the label, but RAM was actually part of a marketing campaign with Shell, and it doesn't say approved by Chrysler, it only says meets or...
  14. SD Rebel

    MDS.. on or off?

    I think we all asked that question at one point, I think those other four cylinders except for obviously no ignition in there, are still moving up and down. The active 4 cylinders are only active when the truck is at very light load, essentially coasting, so not sure of the pressure differences...
  15. SD Rebel

    rodent damage

    Or a cat? They hate the smell too 😃
  16. SD Rebel

    MDS.. on or off?

    Most tuned cat back exhaust, such as the Borla ATAK are very good at hiding the MDS operation, however most simple muffler changes, deletes or slip-ons, the MDS is more noticeable.
  17. SD Rebel

    Any issue mounting an ARB inside my Rambox?

    Me too. But when standing on the lot with both rigs next to each other, I thought to myself, what on earth are you doing!
  18. SD Rebel

    looking to purchase seeking advise

    Anything used, get a pre-purchase inspection. Based on the age and year, it's still under the powertrain warranty, but lots of other things not covered, check that everything works and as mentioned above, look for that rear window leak and definitely consider an extended warranty. Must take it...
  19. SD Rebel

    Coolant loss

    Thanks for the update, will check myself just in case.
  20. SD Rebel

    Anyone getting a 2025 with the I6 Hurricane?

    True, I have been the train conductor of quite a few of those derailments.