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  1. 19BlkRam

    Lets see those aftermarket wheels!!

    20x10 Fuel Warriors - 18 offset 35x12.50x20 BFgoodrich KO2's
  2. 19BlkRam

    Fingers Crossed...Brake Squeal Resolved

    My brakes have been squealing since I got the truck as well been in to fix the issue 3 times no results and once I crossed the 15k mile mark they tried to strong arm me, I was able to get the tsb honored or so they said but less than 4k miles on the new setup same squeak returned took it back in...
  3. 19BlkRam

    Anyone here have a bedrug? Do you like it?

    I opted for a Bedrug on this rig and absolutely love it, I have a Bakflip so its covered would hate to see it in the elements as it does get wet. For the Average daily carry stuff its great, I actually transport some glass merchandise every now and then and this soft material works Excellent...
  4. 19BlkRam

    What did you do to your Ram today???

    Nope, I do have the sunroof on this truck though so it allows a bit more light to show up on the truck. Ive tinted all my vehicles this way and have never had any issues but then again I don't call much attention to myself driving (Speeding, Smoking etc...) Take a picture before doing the tints...
  5. 19BlkRam

    What did you do to your Ram today???

    Take it to another dealer I Gave them the TSB numbers to multiple items that were affecting me mechanic had my tech call me to thank me for doing his job lol. I also found a service tech that was cool about my attention to detail and loves his perfect 10 surveys I supply him with....
  6. 19BlkRam

    2019 Ram 19-Speaker Harman Kardon® Premium Sound system

    Finally got around to getting the amplifier updated and wow! It truest made a huge difference in the sound! I use to blast it on 38 and it sounded ok but nothing premium now it rocks at half the volume... My service tech asked how I found this TSB that they wouldn’t have taken forever to...
  7. 19BlkRam

    What did you do to your Ram today???

    FINALLY!!!!!! Took it in for service after 11k miles, had the brake squeal fixed which is great but my favorite update is the HARMON KARDON AMPLIFIER UPDATE!!!!!! If you haven’t done this on your earlier build date trucks MAKE SURE YOU DO SO!! Finally it sounds like a 19 speaker PREMIUM sound...
  8. 19BlkRam

    Mopar bed light install without dealer flash

    Thanks for the great video instructions have had my lights sitting in the garage for a while now waiting for someone to figure this out lol (I hate wiring jobs) Thanks again!
  9. 19BlkRam

    How to: modify wheel wells for larger tires/Negative offsets

    Thanks, it’s a ReadyLift 3.5 SST kit Not sure how it would work with the 5inch lift chime in when you get it done.(y)
  10. 19BlkRam

    What did you do to your Ram today???

    How hard was it to swap the mirrors out? Ive wanted to get this done since I bought the truck as I dislike my tow mirrors very much... Thanks
  11. 19BlkRam

    Edge pulsar

    So I took the plunge and purchased a Pulsar unit, very easy install and once I figured out to use the audio function I was able to see what mode I was in. Stock disable MDS is all I wanted as I hate the shuffle the engine does at times. I find myself actually using the Economy mode a lot...
  12. 19BlkRam

    Borla S-type exhaust

    Well if that’s the case message me first lol
  13. 19BlkRam

    Best tuner for 2019 Ram 1500

    Anyone running a pulsar care to chime in? How you liking it?
  14. 19BlkRam

    Borla S-type exhaust

    Borla has always made amazing products, I was going to to go with there system on my 2017 camaro SS but the Corsa won me over there. I was on the group buy list for the carven and while it sounds beastly Just couldn’t pull the trigger due to concerns of drone (I HATE DRONE).... I’d be willing...
  15. 19BlkRam

    How to: modify wheel wells for larger tires/Negative offsets

    Looks great brother congrats! I’m glad it worked out for you. A little bit of beer and patience goes a long way lol!
  16. 19BlkRam

    How to: modify wheel wells for larger tires/Negative offsets

    (y) Glad I could help. Looking forward to seeing the pictures online when it’s Done ✅ Don’t forget the front liner plastic area as well, it’s easy can be done in under one beers time;););)
  17. 19BlkRam

    Carven Progressive fitment issues

    There is a design flaw so it’s no longer available until they can correct the issue. It’s in the group but thread.
  18. 19BlkRam

    What did you do to your Ram today???

    I have 20inch wheels on the truck now. they are not making any larger yet if that's what your asking
  19. 19BlkRam

    BFGoodrich T/A KO2 vs Nitto Rodge Grappler

    I went with the KO2's and love them so far, Minimal noise off them if any they are a little tighter riding than the stock tires but nothing that affects the ride in my opinion. I mounted mine and drove 800miles round trip the same weekend and could not have been happier. My previous experience...