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    Bull Bar Options?

    How's the install? Where does the bottom of the bar attach at? I was curious on getting one, but their website didn't show any install plans or process. And is the bar very stout at all? Is it solid or hollow?
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    Borla s type resonator add on

    @shurik74 I've been on the fence about doing the resonator too. Did the install process require any cutting? The Borla website had said that cutting would be required. (Part# 60667) This is the main reason I've been putting it off.
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    Reverse lighting upgrade

    I'm not finding this option within the same menu. Does the truck need to be on and running for this option to appear? Or is this option only available on certain trims?
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    Cracked tail light

    Has everyone's issues been with the base halogens, or do some of you have the led tail lights?
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    Put a bit of colour under the hood...

    This looks good, honestly. I'm now considering doing this as well. Did you have to use high temp. paint or is the cover just plastic?
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    Audio Quality & General Sound Issues

    As the title suggests, I'm putting in a new thread regarding an audio issue with the Alpine stereo system in my '19 Rebel. (If there was an existing thread on this topic, I couldn't find it) The way this seems to be working, or the best way I can describe it as is: - Music from both the...
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    Uhm rear wheel house liner… think they forgot something

    Carpet floor mats.. what the hell were they thinking.. And they don't even fully cover the sides & under the pedals.. Gah...
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    Uhm rear wheel house liner… think they forgot something

    Never understood this. My old '07 1500 had these standard. They really like nickel & diming our vehicles anymore, don't they?
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    General sound quality

    I've started noticing that the door speakers haven't produced as much sound as they have before. Alpine system. Now, it may be that my hearing is starting to diminish (which I hope not - 26), or I can't hear it over the other speakers/ upgraded exhaust. Anyone else notice this?
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    Winterproof Step Bars?

    I've had these Westin Outlaw Nerf bars for over a year so far. I had gotten them after slipping off the plastic Mopar steps back around Christmas of '19. They have a anti-slip grip material built into the steel of the step, which is the main reason I purchased them. They're all grade treated...
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    Surround Sound mode

    Can also confirm. Works with AM/FM radio, but not with SiriusXM. Rather annoying, but whatever, I guess. 8.4 in. screen.
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    Surround Sound mode

    Ah. I've been using SXM as main radio. Haven't tried activating surround with AM/FM.
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    Surround Sound mode

    By input, you're talking about the screen, right? If so, 8.4.
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    Surround Sound mode

    I've tried turning it on before, but it's always greyed out. Does it not work with Sirius?
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    1500 limited brush guard/grille guard

    Has anyone come across one that would fit a Rebel? Or as to what differences there are between Rebels vs other trims, that may not allow mounting without heavy modification? I'd prefer something along the lines like the full SteelCraft bumper above.
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    "Some kind"of a Rebel?

    Too much. Especially with those wheels & the tiny sidewall on those tires.
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    Cab lights for trucks with sunroofs...

    I should have mentioned that my explanation was for my truck.. no sunroof & rear shark fin. That was my bad.
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    Cab lights for trucks with sunroofs...

    >Excludes Rebel models What possible difference could there be with the front roof of a Rebel that's not on say a Big Horn, Laramie or Limited? This is without the sunroof & the shark fin is on the rear of the cab.
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    Rear window surround crack.

    Add me to the ever increasing list of people that seem to be affected by poor quality control oversight & cheap manufacturing. Only the driver side appears to be cracking (so far). Checked the rest of the back window and inspected the third taillight, if there is a leak, I have yet to know about...
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    Post your Rebel pics!

    2019 Rebel 5.7 Hemi - Borla S-Type Cat-Back Exhaust w/ 5" Black Out tips. - Westin Outlaw Nerf Bars - Cab Over America wireless cab lights. - WeatherTech No Drill mud flaps. Not much, but there's still more I'd like to do.