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    AFE intake + Flowmaster Outlaw

    Exactly! I have a Hellcat also and I have stayed away from a new intake thus far for the Rebel. However, I put Borla ATAK on the Rebel and it roars!
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    Do you mean Jegs? I actually picked up Borla ATAK on Jegs today with the $100 off of $1000.
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    Intro - Dodge & Ram Fanboy

    Hey all! I just bought a 2019 Ram Rebel and I wanted to read up on all the great discussions; so this looked like the best forum by far! I am from Louisville, KY and I am a bit of a Dodge fanboy. My first car was a 1971 Dodge Dart with a 225ci Slant 6 (it broke a journal and blew up one day...