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    Help with part numbers

    I had my first incident with the gear select switch today, and my rear bumper paid the price as my trailer tongue punched through some plastic parts. . I need some help Identifying a part. I found the rear step pad part as (55112621AB), but I cannot find the part that the step pad snaps into...
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    Transmission fluid flush?

    I plan on 50-75k miles. ZF reccomends 100km or 8 years.
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    Radio and Bluetooth issue

    Mine too, just started a few weeks ago.
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    UConnect/CarPlay Problems

    Mine has started playing sirius and spotify at the same time. The weird thing is I dont have my siriius membership anymore. I go from FM back to carplay but both audio streams still play. Is this software or hardware related?
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    What is high or too hot

    I got my oil to over 250 towing and didn't trigger an idiot light it that helps. I think my trans temp went above like 210 ish.
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    2019 RAM 2nd year Registration Fee (CA)

    In fact they are still in massive debt. Just because you take liabilities off your budget doesn't mean they go away... Which is exactly why the taxes are still so high and will continue to rise...
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    2019 RAM 2nd year Registration Fee (CA)

    $20 bucks in GA to renew for the year. I always find it comical how much BS California taxes people for yet they are still running the state at a deficit. Why does anyone live there...
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    Rear end slight wobble/shake. And MDS

    Driveshaft out of balance? Thats my only guess after alignment and wheel/tire balancing.
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    Front Sensors going off in reverse when towing?

    I have the same when backing down a boat ramp, i turn off all the sensors when I have the boat at the ramp.
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    Oil temps towing

    Those were quite steady the entire drive, don't think they went above 215 F.
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    Oil temps towing

    Ok that’s kinda what I was thinking also. No lights went off on the dash. I don’t tow often, just don’t want to hurt a brand new engine. This thing has to last me a while! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    What options do I need to have a good 1500 tow vehicle?

    The TBC is ONLY for electronic braking systems. Most boats have hydraulic systems. Just because he is over 2k lbs doesn't necessarily mean he needs a TBC. OP, just get an aftermarket one if the need arises you are towing something with electric brakes.
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    Oil temps towing

    So I wasn't sure whether to post this in the towing section or the hemi section but here goes. This past weekend I was towing my boat (approx 7k lbs) in 100 F heat. On some of the hilly stretches my oil hit 255 F and then when the road flattened it was back to 215 range. I currently am running...
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    What did you do to your Ram today???

    How did you attach the etrack to the bed?
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    Difference between similarly equipped Limited and Laramie ?

    you also get ventilated (air conditioned) rear seats, upgraded LED headlights, different leather seats. I believe there is a few more stock features only available on the limited. I was also in your boat trying to decide between the two and some of the optioned out laramies i built were actually...
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    Amazing How The "Ride Feel" Can Vary Soooo Much RAM To RAM....

    While the rotating diameter of the 20s and 22s is the same, the weight is certainly not. It is also multiplied as that is rotational weight. A 4x4 3.92 with 18s is going to feel faster than 20s which will feel faster than 22s. Rotating weight is worth much more than static weight.
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    Tire air pressure at delivery

    My limited with 20"s was delivered with air in the low 40s, I quickly changed it to 36ish. I cant say i felt much of a difference though.
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    When are you doing your first oil change?

    Just did my first change at 995 miles. Going to change at 5k and then every 5k after that. Penzoil PUP 5w20 and a Bosch filter. Man I would love to have a chat with the engineer who decided that oil filter location was a good spot. NO thought into maintenance went into that. My other car is and...
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    Photos of ‘19 Ram towing your boat

    Take it to the CAT scales. My boat and trailer is 900 lbs heavier than the advertised weight. Apparently the "options" are not counted.
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    Photos of ‘19 Ram towing your boat

    6200 lbs with the trailer and boat. 2019 limited with 3.92, air suspension. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk