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    Post your Crew Cab 6’4 bed. (Official Longbed Thread)

    Enjoying the sun today with a post-ride cup of coffee. Not a bad shot of the bike, the truck, and Old Glory waving in the breeze!
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    20" Limited Wheel Actual Weight

    My truck has the factory 22's, and while it rides great on the road, I'm not willing to risk a flat or sidewall tear on the remote gravel/shale roads I run on with the family aboard. So my hope is to find the lightest factory 20. I've always had great luck with OEM wheel quality, so I've been...
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    20" Limited Wheel Actual Weight

    Can't seem to find the actual wheel only weight of the Limited 20's. Looks lime the Laramie 20's are 35 lbs. Wondering if the Limited wheels are more or less weight. Anybody know the answer? Looking to put a set of 20's together with LT E rated tires, and trying to keep the weight down as much...
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    Truxedo Pro X15?

    Wonder if it depends on bed length? Mine is 6'4", and at first, tailgate seal didn't quite seal at tailgate. I loosened clamps and cheated whole cover back about 1/4"-3/8", and seal sits nice on gate. Also, mine is not easy to shut with tailgate up, it definitely closes with authority. I...
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    2016 3500 ----> 2019 1500 500 mile thoughts

    Hemi does sound good. As I've gotten older, it seems the quieter the better. I've been driving my '01 Cummins lately at work. 313k miles, 4" exhaust, NV5600. It's sure been nice hopping into my new truck at the end of the day!
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    2016 3500 ----> 2019 1500 500 mile thoughts

    It was a hard choice. I wanted my wife to get a Yukon Denali Xl, and I would have kept my 3500. But she loves the size of her '18 Traverse High Country. It's only been a week, but so far I'm ok. All of my work trucks are Cummins powered. This vehicle for me became a comfort choice over fuel...
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    2016 3500 ----> 2019 1500 500 mile thoughts

    Eco light on mine is on left of center cluster. Pretty sure you have to enable it to 'on' in uconnect settings. Just a telltale for when MDS is active.
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    2016 3500 ----> 2019 1500 500 mile thoughts

    Not quite at 500 miles. here's what I know. My Ivory tri-coat paint all matches pretty good. Factory 22's ride pretty decent. First tank of fuel, about 1/2, yielded a hand calc'd 13.8 Second fill, about 1/2 tank, yielded a hand calc'd 15.2 Eco light is on a lot, my driving is mostly rural. Also...
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    Truxedo Pro X15?

    I exchanged a couple emails with Luke at truckalterations.com today, and now I have an X15 on the way. Looking forward to its arrival.
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    Gravel roads vs XL or E rated tires

    Thoughts and experiences with XL tires on gravel/shale roads? Our family trips take us off the beaten path, and my gut says to stick with E rated tires. I have always had 3500's with good all terrain or hybrid tread, and never had an issue off road. As this will be my first 1500 in 25 years, I'm...
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    Got hit in my Ram - it's solid.

    Glad you are back together, and as others have said, and most importantly, you and your wife are ok. That's always my biggest concern, is some accident that will affect my family. We spend lots of time in our vehicles, and lots of road miles doing fun stuff, so safety is top priority. I can...
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    2019 Limited Discussion

    Maybe not Limited specific, but I read somewhere that 22" wheel equipped trucks have different (larger) unit bearings on the front. Anybody know if this is actually the case? I think it was in a lift thread where I saw that. Anyway, patiently waiting for truck to arrive at dealer. Inbound...
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    Oil Preference?

    I use Shell Rotella T6 in everything. All of my work trucks, my generators, my BMW GSA... Fantastic oil. Had oil burn issues on my KLR and generators. Switched to T6, no more oil burn. Oil analysis returns are clean and always go longer interval. I however change oil more frequently. Work trucks...
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    Spray on bedliner on rear bumper

    RAM letters on tailgate. Standard for non-US markets? Anything else bedlined, or just lower bumper trim?
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    Help Deciding, Ordering new Ram tomorrow.

    i think the 5.7 reference is to the 5'7" bed. I heard that configuration with pano roof was restricted/unavailable.
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    Added the Pulsar

    I only ask because I am in the purchase phase. Local trucks are 3.21, and I plan on going to 33-34" tires. Drove my buddies 3.21, with four guys in it, on a ski trip. It seemed ok to me, though he was on stock tire size. I figure a 3.21 truck with pulsar should have enough fun factor for me...
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    Added the Pulsar

    BeauxXL1200 - what rear do you have? 3.21 or 3.92?
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    Strictly opinion, no wrong answers...

    My 3500 crew that is my daily driver is Max Steel, my 5500 C&C is Granite Crystal, and my 3500 C&C is Patriot Blue. '01 is maybe Patriot Blue? Forget if it was called that back then... All look good with chrome for sure. I was thinking on the 1500 that the color matched front end was a bit...
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    Strictly opinion, no wrong answers...

    I appreciate all the response. In my internet search of images, so many of the pics of billet/chrome, you almost can't tell what it is. If I'm being completely honest with myself, I prefer the painted bumpers on the limited trucks. Seems to be a good balance of paint vs chrome. My experience...
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    Strictly opinion, no wrong answers...

    Found a Billet Silver 6'4" Limited relatively close to me(1.5 hrs), optioned as I would order with 3.92s, except it has chrome bumpers instead of body colored bumpers. Then there are two trucks at local dealer with body color bumper group in Ivory and black, but both have 3.21 gears. Question...