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  1. Powerman1960

    Detailing tip

    I have always used Blue Coral wash and microfiber towels, with great results. I also use a cordless blower (with a padded end to prevent accidental scratches) to remove excess water from the exterior. As with top-coats, there are many available products out there. I'm sure any name-brand will...
  2. Powerman1960

    2019+ Rams with Lifts/Levels, and/or aftermarket wheel tire setups

    Installed my new Vision 20X9, 18 offset rims and Cooper Discoverer ATS 4S tires in factory size 275-55-20. Tires run pretty smooth with very minor road noise over the stock Bridgestones.
  3. Powerman1960

    Pro Suspension 2" lowering coils and B2 Fabrication Magnaflow kit installed

    Thanks, Firebird, I like your truck, too. Are those factory wheels, and 22's?
  4. Powerman1960

    Pro Suspension 2" lowering coils and B2 Fabrication Magnaflow kit installed

    I installed Pro Suspension's 2" lowering coils on the rear of my Ram this week, as well as the Magnaflow muffler kit from B2Fabrication. The coils were fairly easy to install. It took about an hour and a half, using a set of coil spring compressors. The coils currently lowered the rear about a...
  5. Powerman1960

    A/C Performance

    I live on the gulf coast of Mississippi, work 11 hour dayshifts, and my truck sits in the sun during those shifts. Several days this past summer , I read 111-113 degrees (with a custom-fit sun shield in the windshield), inside when I got in it to leave. With the a/c on max, I didn't ever...
  6. Powerman1960

    Detailing tip

    I am a long-time detailer, not a professional, but, have cleaned and detailed vehicles for my personal vehicles and others for over 40 years. I am OCD when it comes to cleaning a vehicle, especially my own. Over the years, I have used many wax/polish products, from the old Raindance wax and...
  7. Powerman1960

    Tint/ protection recommendations

    I live in the south, too. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, precut tint is available. I ordered a precut set of ceramic tint, 20%, for my two front door windows off of ebay (from filmvantage) @$42 and installed it myself. He has several shades and qualities of film at reasonable prices. This was...
  8. Powerman1960

    Got me a new TRUCK!

    Nice truck jwilliams, you won't be disappointed!
  9. Powerman1960

    Katzkin installation

    Thanks Cottamscout2! I really appreciate it!
  10. Powerman1960

    Katzkin installation

    Cottamscout2, thanks for posting these pictures and tips on leather installation. Looks like a great job! I put leather in a 12 GMC Sierra a few years ago, and it was not that hard, but it did take up a hole day. The GMC seats did not require hog rings for install, they had a plastic fastening...
  11. Powerman1960

    Tailgate light bar

    GS1200, I ordered the same one (Dmalonecentral) ordered from Amazon, and yes , the links on Amazon indicated it would not fit, but it will!
  12. Powerman1960

    Pros and Cons of e-tourque?

    Thanks for the posted video Drillerr.
  13. Powerman1960

    Tailgate light bar

    I wondered about that 6-inch harness , too, djwdjw. I actually purchased a separate 5-wire harness that I didn't have to use. The Curt 5-way worked perfectly The triple LED bar is really cool!
  14. Powerman1960

    Tailgate light bar

    Installed my OPT7 triple LED light bar, today. Here's a few pics of where I mounted my clips for the tailgate to clear the light when opening and a couple of pics with the reverse lights on and off from my back-up camera. Thanks to the many members that have posted pics and given excellent info...
  15. Powerman1960

    How are the cloth seats?

    These deluxe cloth seats in the Bighorn are very comfortable, and the material has a very "tight" feel to it, like it's not going to stretch out. I am a leather person, but, I've got to say, these are very nice buckets!
  16. Powerman1960

    Just picked up my 5th Gen

    Congrats on the new RAM!
  17. Powerman1960

    My 19 Big Horn Sport Quad-cab with Hemi and E-torque

    I have added Laramie 20" wheels and tires, Iron Cross Patriot boards, factory rear wheel liners, tail-gate damper, factory splash guards and a Peragon bed cover. First time Ram buyer, and I have been impressed with the comfort and quietness of the cab. Gas mileage with 93 octane has been running...
  18. Powerman1960

    What mud flaps

    I opted for the factory splash guards, but , I did not use the included plastic rivets. I used these factory style push in fasteners. Just drill the 1/4" hole as instructed by the installation sheet and install them. They work great!
  19. Powerman1960

    Rear wheel house liners

    I installed my liners on my Bighorn, and wanted to update anyone who may be installing on a new Ram with NO factory flares. When I ordered my liners from MoparPartsGiant.com, I also ordered 8 screws, (instead of just 2), and it was the perfect number. So, if you are installing liners on a Ram...
  20. Powerman1960

    Rear wheel house liners