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  1. dailyherold

    HOW TO: Add Digital Rearview Mirror

    Did you end up using the newer P/N CHMSL?
  2. dailyherold

    Suitable Tailgate Pad to Secure Mountain Bikes for RAM1500 with RAM BOXES

    I've been wanting to try the Exodux system, specifically the version made to mount to our factory rails. if there was a way to quick disconnect, I'd be sold. I enjoy my tonneau cover too much for everyday use.
  3. dailyherold

    Bicycle Hauling

    This is awesome, might have to do this. Been wanting to figure out a solution for my Ramboxes with retractable cover with support for mounting racks. I take it no issue retracting the cover while bikes mounted?
  4. dailyherold

    Rattle From Sunroof Center Stack

    I have something similar that drives me crazy. I thought it was in sunroof lip area but just recently noticed I can affect it by the passenger vanity mirror. I've been playing with different positions and now am investigating the mirror and mount itself or the headliner area right around it. If...
  5. dailyherold

    2021 Ram HK stereo Issue

    @BigBlueBeast not sure what your truck build date is (MDH on door jam sticker), but if it's between MDH0128XX and MDH0828XX then go to your dealer and ask for TSB 08-123-18. This seems to be the TSB for system volume complaints.
  6. dailyherold

    H/K audio upgrade - VAST Improvment

    Reading this thread through, along with @Sonnie's build log, and I'm really glad I'm not alone on the boomy bass symptoms requiring near minimum adjustment on EQ. I'm not interested in any aftermarket speaker/amp upgrades, and want to retain ANC, which after reading seems to leave me with...
  7. dailyherold

    CCW storage - console lockable container?

    I really want to get the compact FAS1 and see if I could get it to work in the center console...or somewhere else. Big fan of the simplex locks, mainly because of this guy on YouTube who shows how bad many lock implementations are.
  8. dailyherold

    Bed mats for Ramboxes?

    Got a pretty great used deal off Amazon for the full liner on my 2019. Don't think the previous owner did any modifications, but two things that were kind of odd for my fitting: The passenger sidewall is noticeably shorter than the driver side. Enough that I'm wondering if the previous owner...
  9. dailyherold

    Air Ride with DAYSTAR and REVEL Links!

    Looks fantastic! For my own understanding, you got this 2" leveling kit (minus the links which you made), and these UCAs? Any other parts?
  10. dailyherold

    What did you do to your Ram today???

    Got this blueridge overland roll-up dump pouch that I had simply been using the open ITW GrimLoc clip to hang over the edge of the console side cubby. Worked decently, but would slide all over the place and occasionally fall off. Thought I could make use of the velcro surfaces and add some...
  11. dailyherold

    Bedrug products NOT being designed for 2019 with Rambox?

    How has this been holding up @Bhbdvm? I'm really close to doing the same for mine as I don't think I need the full bed liner. My only reservation would be stuff getting in the cracks at edges of bedrug; does that happen to you? About to pick up a cubic yard of sand, and debating if I am going to...
  12. dailyherold

    Quick removable front seat cover when sweaty/dirty

    Picked this up from Amazon and quite like it. Wanted a simple front seat cover to protect perforated Laramie seats. Requirements were water proof, easy to clean, inexpensive (compared to custom), and quick setup/removal for my post-soccer drives home. Yes I could use a towel but I'd sweat...
  13. dailyherold

    Hard-wire Dash Cam Install

    Any pics of the install process going the rocker panel route?
  14. dailyherold

    What did you do to your Ram today???

    Washed her and got some since pics of recent madico wincos tint (windshield @ 70, four doors @ 30, back window @ 30, and sunroof @ 70).
  15. dailyherold

    Favorite option on your RAM?

    Ramboxes and panoramic sunroof. Ramboxes just so darn handy, and sunroof makes cabin feel bigger and I love the extra light.
  16. dailyherold

    What did you do to your Ram today???

    I honestly works quite well grip wise, however for jam handles to allow an easy, safe, fluid, 1-step closing movement they need to be as close to edge as possible, with as little "lip" as possible on what you're closing, and a good amount of hinge degree movement giving you time to get fingers...
  17. dailyherold

    What did you do to your Ram today???

    After @Waterfowler41 posted about the jam handles I jumped on board. Got 6 aluminum 3-finger handles for all doors and ramboxes. I'm very happy with the outer position I picked for the front doors, similar height on rear doors also worked out quite well. Ramboxes I didn't know going in how'd...
  18. dailyherold

    An Engineer's Ultimate Guide To 3.21 VS 3.92 Axle Ratio

    Might be a dumb question, but with this excellent data by @Jack, are there some optimal speed ranges that those of us with a 3.92 can stay in to optimize fuel efficiency? I don't really care much because the truck drives amazing, and I didn't buy it for fuel efficiency, but my commute is all...
  19. dailyherold

    What did you do to your Ram today???

    Here are some pics @PMantle @TruckDriver @Xoexpireu. I honestly don't know if I'll use them myself haha, but figured I'd cut out the covers to provide the option. Not too worried about stuff getting in the openings, and don't think it looks weird woth them being exposed. Probably could have used...
  20. dailyherold

    What did you do to your Ram today???

    Wow, I'm getting these, good find! My dirty black truck needs them badly.