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    Slight vibration

    After purchasing my truck I noticed a vibration between 57 and 62 and again around 72 and 82. After two weeks at the dealership they decided the tires were flat spotted and replaced them. The original tires were Goodyear Eagle touring 285 45/22 replaced with the same. The vibration was still...
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    Slight vibration

    Please keep us updated. I have had this issue for way to long.
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    Slight Vibration

    I have the same issue but I have Goodyear Eagle Touring Tires. They replaced 3 saying they were flat spotted. Initially the problem was between 58 and 62. Now it is from 62 all the way to 82 and truck is shaking so bad I won't go any faster. I was hoping it was tires but it seems to not...