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    harman kardon is nothing than a bag of trash

    I disconnected my sub. Replaced the front 2 corner dash speakers Replaced the 4 front door speakers Replaced the 2 rear door speakers And most importantly, bypass the Active Noise Canceling. Huge difference.
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    19 Speaker H/K Ohms?

    What did you replace your upper front door with?
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    Replaced 3.5” Factory Dash Speakers

    What Ohm are the door speakers?
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    Replaced 3.5” Factory Dash Speakers

    does anyone know what ohm the original speakers were and what ohm the new speakers are?
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    19 Speaker H/K Ohms?

    Does anyone know the ohms of the 3 dash speakers, the 4 front door speakers, and 2 rear door speakers of the 19 speaker Harmon Kardon system?
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    5th Gen Stock Stereo Upgrade Options?

    What ohm speakers did you use for the dash and doors?