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    2019 ram lone star headlights went out

    high beams, running lights and signals still work fine.
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    2019 ram lone star headlights went out

    I only see HID in position 55 and 61 from the OM and I don't have HID. They are standard bulbs. I'll be going through with a multimeter today Has anyone had an issue with the newer fuse panels burning up? I had a 05 ram 1500 that had running lights go out because the Trace on one of the panels...
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    2019 ram lone star headlights went out

    Bulbs are good. 2 weeks ago I was sitting in my truck while at lunch for an hour with engine idling, a triple horn beep and hazards going off but still fully functional. 4days ago my right headlight went out and today the left went out. I can't seem to find a fuse or relay location, borrowed 2...