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  1. BmoreStew

    Could This Be What The 2024 Ram 1500 BEV Will Look Like?

    I like what ford did with their ev truck... I don't really care what they do with the front end, but I hope manufacturers leave the bed alone. LOVE the addition of the onboard ICE generator... I've got nothing against electric, just can't tow long distance with it. I've got 2 young boys and...
  2. BmoreStew

    Lemme know if you buy it…

    I had a 2006 Pontiac I traded in some years ago and a few weeks later found it parked in the garage at work... a security guard had bought it. One of those double-take moments when I walked by it.
  3. BmoreStew

    Lemme know if you buy it…

    https://www.joneschryslermaryland.com/certified/Ram/2019-Ram-1500-for-sale-Bel-Air-MD-near-Baltimore-e854d2ab0a0e09af26b5cff9e92110e6.htm Found my traded 1500 on the dealer site… god, I loved that truck. 12k winch, ram air cai, Mopar cat back, level, leer cap. If I wasn’t planning to buy a...
  4. BmoreStew

    A huge "Thank you!" and happy trails!

    ok, having put some more miles on the 2500, something that I cant help to compare against the 1500 is ride. The 2500 is definitely not as smooth as the 1500, and I ran on LT tires at 65psi on the 1/2 ton with a level. The ride on the 2500 is very very good for an hd truck, but its not as close...
  5. BmoreStew

    A huge "Thank you!" and happy trails!

    Just upgraded to a 2500 diesel this morning; traded in the 1500. I LOVED my 1500 so much... spent so much time ($$$$) tweaking and modding the thing; it really was the perfect truck so far as I'm concerned. BUT the payload was only 1250lbs and that just wasn't cutting it. I've been spoiled by...
  6. BmoreStew

    CarPlay Dongle advice

    I’ve read good reviews too and so I may have a bad unit, but I ran into trouble with map apps like waze, which wouldn’t track my location reliably at all. I’d be going along and the my marker would be a quarter mile behind me or not moving at all. Audio quality was poor as well.
  7. BmoreStew

    Throttle response

    i pulled my pedal commander out after installing the mopar cai kit. giving the engine more air got rid of the delay and it feels so much more natural than the PC did.
  8. BmoreStew

    MFT: Yes or no?

    lol just posted on a similar thread about the ram boxes… which I can live without, but I do have some major MFT envy. I’d get it, if I was buying again. that said, I’m a huge fan of my topper/cap, which would work well with the MFT, but there’s some issues with tonneau cover fitment due to the...
  9. BmoreStew

    RamBoxes: Yes or No

    It’s like this… if you value bed space, don’t get them. If you think you might get a cap, don’t get them. If you’re looking to stow a bunch of smaller items on the regular, get them. I don’t have them, but have wished I did at times and it’s hard to find a comparable after market solution. On...
  10. BmoreStew

    Why is the crew cab with the 6.4 bed not a popular option?

    On the topic of long beds on crew cabs.… I’ve got one and love it. Carry’s more by volume, tows better in theory, and looks awesome. I grew up in a time and place where 8’ beds were the norm… a 5’ bed just looks stumpy to me. It definitely hangs a foot or so out of most parking spots, but...
  11. BmoreStew

    Why is the crew cab with the 6.4 bed not a popular option?

    Agree with Malodave. Get yourself a Comma and be one of the few of us with self-driving 1500’s!
  12. BmoreStew

    Air suspension bad idea if near payload capacity?

    I’d go with the coils in this case. HD would be best, but at least you can upgrade the steel suspension to better handle the load, if you decide to go half ton. To my knowledge there aren’t any aftermarket upgrades available for the air suspension.
  13. BmoreStew

    Self driving 1500 limited

    Wanted to update the thread now that it’s installed and working. This is a long one. <tldr> For short daily driving, not worth the money right now. If you’re doing long freeway miles, this thing is pretty much “set and forget it”. it’s a level 2 system, so you can’t really forget it, but you...
  14. BmoreStew

    What did you do to your Ram today???

    Installed a Comma 3 self driving unit. Great hardware and awesome community of guys working on compatibility with the 1500. I’ve been super impressed with how well it works on the couple of short drives I’ve been able to shoehorn into the day. It’s like a Cyber Truck, but good looking!
  15. BmoreStew

    2022 Silverado’s new interior unveiled

    Look, i love my limited, sure, but there’s a lot to like here too. That looks like real wood to me, I like the physical climate control buttons and the general layout. The pictured truck looks like it’s got lockers front and rear, a rear entertainment center, and super-cruise, which is awesome…...
  16. BmoreStew

    Self driving 1500 limited

    Thanks for the invite! Man, I can already tell I’m going to lose weeks down this rabbit hole. Can’t wait!
  17. BmoreStew

    Self driving 1500 limited

    Alright, I’m in. Just purchased a C3 and developer harness. Super excited to get into the nuts and bolts of the thing. Gonna make the long drives to camping sites more enjoyable. Haven’t found much in the way of RAM specific discussion in the Discord. Pain in the butt scrolling through a ton...
  18. BmoreStew

    Can anyone tell me what this is? It dropped from my rebel today.

    looks like a part from a mower deck
  19. BmoreStew

    RAM 1500 DT (5th Gen) 5.7L Cold Air Intake Mopar (77072428AC)

    The only noticeable difference that I can confirm is that throttle response improved to the point that I turned off my pedal commander and left it off.
  20. BmoreStew

    Borla S-Type too loud

    I installed a mopar cat back system and it was too loud for my taste. More muscle car than truck. I added the 10” borla resonator ahead of the muffler and it made a significant difference. Took the whole thing - cold starts, low rpm, high rpm - down from an 11 to an 8 or 9. Warm idle has a nice...