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    ANC bypass part # for HK System

    Does this kill the mics for Bluetooth calls also?
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    2022 RAM Recall for 5.7 HEMI eTorque Autostart

    I would rather a recall for the ANC fluttering while hitting some bumps. Actually seems to amplify the road noise at times.
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    2022 RAM Recall for 5.7 HEMI eTorque Autostart

    I like that mine shuts off while coming to a stop vs shutting off once completely still. My 19 was very noticeable when it would shut off and restart. My 22 is barely noticeable because they shut it off while coming to a stop. Am I missing something?
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    305/45 r22

    New tires will not change where the wheel sits.
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    305/45 r22

    Anyone put this tire on an OEM wheel? I hate the OEM tires and looking to upgrade to Michelin. Love the look of the 305 width vs 285, but I think I'm pushing it considering the OEM wheel is 9". Also, I'm looking to replace my limited night edition wheels with the Laramie sport 22" wheels. Just...
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    Headers and a Cam?

    Great Dyno sheet. No offense, but your not making 420rwtq. That's a spike at the start of the run which is common. Your making 365rwtq which is still a very nice and substantial gain, just thought I would point out the true tq number which is very very good still.
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    V8 with eTorque

    I'm almost identical to this. 17.3 to and from work for a week. 21-22 on interstate around 70-75mph. 2003 ram 1500 gets 13 to and from work and about 17 on interstate
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    New procharger kit available for etorque hemi

    How about that Dyno sheet?
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    Front passenger grinding

    I'm not sure it's a tire question. I didn't see a drivetrain section and thought I would try power train. Sounds like grinding and not tire rub though I can't find any evidence of either
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    Front passenger grinding

    19 ram Laramie 4x2 Sport with 22" wheels 5.7 e-torque Crew cab air suspension On occasion while decelerating and turning the steering wheel to the right to enter a parking lot or maybe a parking spot, I get a grinding like noise from front passenger tire. I always keep suspension on aero...
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    Stereo upgrade feedback wanted

    Here is full estimate. Individual prices are as good if not lower than most all online sales.
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    Stereo upgrade feedback wanted

    Been out of the car audio scene for a while. Currently have 12.1 hk setup in my Laramie sport. Had a local audio shop quote me a solid upgrade and want your feedback. Head Unit: oem AmpPro Stinger 4ga amp kit Stinger 8000 series RCA JL Audio vx1000/5i amp w/built in dsp and setup/tuned by...
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    Aftermarket amps

    According to crutchfield, this does not work with 12" hk systems. Is that correct?
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    Full buff, paint correction, and ceramic applied

    Man does this white really look good when cleaned up.
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    Bluetooth Delay.

    Was this ever resolved? Very annoying. Pixel 3 and 12.0 here.
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    Horrific Gas Mileage Hemi eTorque

    2019 Laramie 22" wheels 5.7 w/e-torque 3.21 gears 3500 miles (original oil) My truck rarely enters eco mode. On flat road and 70mph, it won't activate mds at all. With a very slight decline it will but only momentarily. As a result, I'm only getting 18-19 on the highway at 1700-1800rpm and...
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    Window tint questions

    HP 18% on the front doors and 50% on the windshield
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    Window tint questions

    Just did 20 on sides and 35 on windshield and love it.