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    2019 Ram carrier bearing issues

    Is anyone else having driveshaft /carrier bearing issues on their trucks. I’m getting my 3rd driveshaft... at 33,42,52k . Dealership is telling me this is a major issue and they was 6 driveshafts on the wall from rams.... now dealership is telling me the fix is too lube a joint in the driveshaft...
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    Waze/Nav volume too low on CarPlay

    It’s seems something has changed in my Ram nav settings. When in CarPlay the nav volume use to be the same loudness as stereo. But now my Waze app is way low and barely audible. The phone volume is all the way up and volume in waze app is all the way up too.. but you can’t barely hear waze...
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    Loud Rumbling/Revving Noise

    This is absolute madness this drone issue has been problematic for so long and Ram has done little to fix it... I’m one visit away from a lemon law vehicle here in Florida and I’m waiting on a software update that I have little faith in when it gets here and it’s a month over due from what my...
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    FIX***Cabin Noise/Booming / Rattle

    Isn’t it madness this has been going on for at least a year and Ram can’t fix it... one more visit on this issue my truck qualifies for a Lemon law vehicle in Florida... and I’ve only got 1500 miles on mine... this technology has been around for years in headphone and planes but Ram can’t figure...
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    Loud Rumbling/Revving Noise

    Anyone have a luck getting their truck fixed eliminating the anc drone sound... Ram has been promising for months that a update software was coming .. we are month past when they told me it was coming out .. just curious if my dealer is being trurthful to me that Ram is dragging this out
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    List of issues, do you see any of these?

    #13 My displays dim too when wipers are turned on.. I thought it was weird too.. let me know if you find out anything more on this
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    2019 Ram 1500 big horn making strange noise

    Two ways to confirm if it the ANC active noise canceling module.. when it makes that drone sound as I describe mine...roll down a window 4-5” for a few seconds to see if the sound goes away . 2) under the driver seat is a silver box ANC module unplug the two cannon plug and see if it stops...
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    2019 Big Horn weird sound

    Update, after the dealer kept my truck for a week.. they replaced the ANC ( active noise canceling) module under the drivers seat, it’s only made the drone sound sound briefly and went away and hasn’t come back. My tech told me Ram is coming out with a software update for the ANC /drone sound...
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    2019 Big Horn weird sound

    Well guys I went to dealer, the tech went on a 30 min road trip and no drone sound.. lol, he told me he was doing more research but he was sure it’s the active noise control and he said for me to wait til it made the sound again.. and it did on the way home from the dealer. The tech said to...
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    2019 Big Horn weird sound

    My friend had one and disconnected the amp to disable the anc and it went away for him.. seems like a common problem and sounds like we both need to go to the dealer and get some work done.. keep up with me on what you get done and I’ll do the same
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    2019 Big Horn weird sound

    So when you pulled f12 the drone sound went away? And it came back when you replaced it? Where in Ontario do you live, I have family in Orillia and I’ve been all over the Providence... it’s beautiful country up there but too damn expensive for this southern boy!! How the heck do you afford gas...
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    2019 Big Horn weird sound

    You kind out if pulling that fuse got rid of the drone sound.. try rolling down the drivers window three to four inches and see if that makes it go away.. it does on mine.. I’ve read that a sign of a bad anc because rolling the window shuts off the anc (active noise cancellation... I don’t buy...
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    2019 Big Horn weird sound

    Can anyone tell me a way to confirm If I have active noise cancellation ...something to look for ?
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    2019 Big Horn weird sound

    I’m not sure it comes in waves sometimes, while in cruise control mostly.. why wouldnt it make the sound the whole time while in 4 cyl mode... if it was a constant sound I’d agree... one sec it’s sounds like a hemi and the next a droning sound during switch it’s stay in eco.. which make me think...
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    2019 Big Horn weird sound

    I have a 2019 Ram Big Horn crew cab level 1 sports pkg, I have 600 miles after the first 2-300 miles I’m getting this sound in 3,4,5,6 gears about 1250-1500 rpms and eco is on when it happens... my normal exhaust sound changes to a hum or low volume rice burner exhaust sound sometime louder...