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  1. Dredram

    ORP with 2.5" level done

    Just did last weekend 2.5 motofab front tophats and RC forged uca. The ride is like stock and look perfect.
  2. Dredram

    35x12.5x20 on factory chrome clads

    Does anyone have this combo and will it rub ? I have a 2019 ram with ORG.
  3. Dredram

    Readylift 3.5" kit on Offroad Package

    So if you take the 1" from off rd package springs and a 2.5 Motofab tophat =3.5 inch lift and just get uca for that lift. Has anyone done that?
  4. Dredram

    Those with ORG what level/lift you have?

    Do you have off rd package?
  5. Dredram

    Those with ORG what level/lift you have?

    Do u have off road package?
  6. Dredram

    Those with ORG what level/lift you have?

    Yes i have new rough country forged 3" + uca's
  7. Dredram

    Those with ORG what level/lift you have?

    Im ready to level my 2019 ram ORG 1500 4x4. I purchased 3" motofab fronts and 1" rears and rough country forged uca's. Im curious what others have done that only have the ORG.
  8. Dredram

    Readylift 3.5" kit on Offroad Package

    Nice look! How much lift with that puck?
  9. Dredram

    Readylift 3.5" kit on Offroad Package

    I have 3" motofab fronts ruffcountry forged uca and 1" motofab rears waiting to install when it warms up I have the org also
  10. Dredram

    Utility Bed Rails Install

    What brand bed mat u have?
  11. Dredram

    16.0 MPG At Long Last!

    I also recently hit 16.3 mpg and i think its a result of the summer blend of gasoline. The winter blend has more ethenol = less mpg
  12. Dredram

    etorque does more than help with starts and smooth out shifts ....

    What mpg are you getting with the etorque and 3.92 gears?
  13. Dredram

    Low Oil Pressure at Idle

    Its a new truck with a warranty that wasnt cheap. 15psi at idle is not acceptable take it in and have it documented at the very least.
  14. Dredram

    When are you doing your first oil change?

    Is the factory oil fill dino or synthetic?
  15. Dredram


    Leave em alone havent noticed any noise from them
  16. Dredram


    I did the B2 in the driveway no lift needed. I used a sawzall with a short blade made the cut it took about 45 min. I use water pump pliers and long screw driver for the front hanger. The rear hanger is a double and unbolts so to comes off with the muffler. Torque the band clamp to 40 lbs after...
  17. Dredram


    I just installed my B2 MF today all went well but i hope in a few hundred miles it gets louder. The sound has a nice tone but not much over stock maybe I should have gone B2 muff delete.
  18. Dredram

    19 Laramie 5'7 bed liner

    Where did you order it and how much to ship?
  19. Dredram

    19' Ram 5.7L Blue Smoke at 2k Miles

    Mine did the same thing yesterday 1200 miles sat a couple hrs and a puff of smoke on start up. I see its a common problem that goes away after break in.
  20. Dredram

    Show me your quad cab side steps

    Looks good any problems with the threads on the studs?