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    Windshield just cracked

    I had mine done and Safelite had to take the truck for a drive with their code scanner attached and recalibrate the electronics. (Took 15 or 20 minutes). Have tested everything and so far it seems fine. (hasn't rained, so not sure about the rain sense wipers, may take it to a car wash to test)
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    Are our windshields prone to damage?

    Had a rock hit mine while I was out on the freeway (sounded pretty bad, but the window was starred), got home and with it sitting in the sun there were 3 cracks 6" long radiating from the ding in a 1/2 an hours time. Insurance picked up a chunk, but Safelite quotes it as a $1100 windshield...
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    New software 20.04.19

    Send a note to RAM CARES, they can make sure you get your truck on the list for updates.
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    New software 20.04.19

    Got the OTA update, so far doesn't appear to have changed anything (at all. Pandora still works, voice search still does NOT work, backup camera was fine before and didn't change)
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    N0GL Software Update Thread

    The back camera recall notice gets you a new version of radio software, you might try to just go and have the dealer put that in and not have to wait for the ota update?
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    N0GL Software Update Thread

    Push and hold the bottom 2 outside icons on the radio (example, media and nav) for 5 or 7 seconds, it pops up.
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    Pandora Shuffle

    It wlll let you skip a limited number of songs (4 or 5?), and you can rate them thumbs up or thumbs down, but that's all.
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    Pandora Shuffle

    If you mean hit an arrow and toggle from the song your on to a different song by the same artist, the answer is no. You can skip a limited amount of songs if the one that you have playing is one you want to skip, but you'll always get a different artist.
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    XM Says Pandora only for 2020 Trucks

    Well not sure if it's because of the absolute fit I had with XM, or they just refreshed my radio and eventually it worked. But it's working now. The supervisor at XM clearly told me it wouldn't work on a 2019 truck, so not sure what's up with that. Another user here reported the same thing, so...
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    XM Says Pandora only for 2020 Trucks

    I have the all access plan, I spend obscene amounts of $$ on XM. What their services provide I love, their customer service sucks.
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    XM Says Pandora only for 2020 Trucks

    Hey, I got a rude shock today. After waiting for months to get the software upgrade on my radio that enabled Pandora, today it turned off :/ I'm now getting a message that says "you need to upgrade your plan, call XM", and when I called them, they told me that 2019 RAM's are not entitled to...
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    N0GL Software Update Thread

    So new wrinkle! I got the upgrade (N0GL radio) about 3 weeks ago. Pandora worked (Nav online has never worked), and was digging the Pandora. (yesterday). *today*, Pandora *quit* working. :/ If you hit a preset that was saved, it says "You need an upgrade to your plan, Call XM". So I called...
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    12 inch Screen blackouts after going in reverse

    OTA update to version 19 fixes the screen blackout issue (and others).
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    Offline search within uconnect Nav

    Mine does not work with the new software installed, the voice search microphone icon is greyed out. Pandora works great, as do 360L stations, so the data hotspot in the truck is working. I've had the upgrade for about 3 weeks. N0GL radio.
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    If you have N0GL and received your update, what state are you in?

    Updated N0GL 2 weeks ago. Fixed all the bugs, Pandora works but not the online nav. Cleveland, OH
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    N0GL Software Update Thread

    N4GL is your hardware version, not the software version. This thread is focused on those how have the N0GL hardware version.
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    Pandora Stations: How-to Guide

    Pandora on my just updated system (N0GL) is working great, (thanks for the instructions!).
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    N0GL Software Update Thread

    Mine updated last night (N0GL). Screen going blank after backing up problem went away, stereo sounds awesome (but it always has) and I can't find Pandora, but still looking at it. Online search seems to work! Cleveland, OH
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    New 12" Uconnect Software Version 19.33.11? New Update 19.43.1a

    Northern VA and not yet. Sounds like it'll be soon
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    Radio and Bluetooth issue

    It did it a couple of times to me while I was listening to IheartRadio on Carplay. It was a sports station. I didn't know at the time how to get out of the loop, I turned everything off a couple of times and it just stopped.