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    Another Convert

    Congrats from another convert! So far it has been a very rewarding change. Love the way this truck drives/rides.
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    Official Delmonico Red thread

    I added the Diamondback cover to my truck. Love it. Functional and water proof. I had a Roll and Lock on my previous truck. Looked great but wasn't waterproof and the lower height of the cover over the bed prevented me from putting a cooler in and closing the top. I have more room under the...
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    Official Delmonico Red thread

    Truck was ordered. My last truck, 19 year old Silverado, was also ordered. I had a great relationship with that Silverado. No major issues. I attribute part of that to not following up after someone else while maintaining a good service record. When I ordered I wasn’t sure about that color...
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    Official Delmonico Red thread

    Her is mine 2nd attempt.
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    Official Delmonico Red thread

    Here is mine. 5.7L 4x4 Laramie crew cab, protection group, advanced safety group, chrome appearance group, bed utility group, level 2equipment, 3.92 rear axle, e-locker, 33gallon tank, engine block heater, 12” unconnect nav, 20” wheels, trailer brake control, rear wheel liners, front and rear...
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    New Member

    Hi Ram Family, New member that took a leap of faith from a Chevy Silverado that I owned for 19 years with no major issues, to a Laramie 4x4, Delmonico Red two tone silver, 5.7l Hemi (non etorque), Protection group, Advanced safety group, Chrome appearance group,Bed utility group, Level 2...