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    12" Screen Protector

    Yes, that is the same one.
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    12" Screen Protector

    I installed a screen protector for the 12" UConnect screen. I am not sure if I am allowed to put the link in the post, but I found it on Amazon. It looks good, and it doesn't detract from touch sensitivity. I had asked my salesman to make sure that the factory screen protector not be removed...
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    Order Tracking

    Getting it tomorrow
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    Order Tracking

    I can't believe this day is finally here! I pick up my new pickup tomorrow.
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    New recall on power adjusting pedals

    That sucks that a brand new built vehicle would still have the recall. That should have been fixed during the build. I have put my VIN in the MOPAR checker several times, and it comes back as NO RECALLS.
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    My Patriot Blue & Black/New Saddle Longhorn

    The only reason that I am doing that is because the state of Georgia is AR about having temporary license plates readable. In this high humidity that we're having, the paper tag may curl up, so the frame will keep it straight, hopefully, until I can legally mount my regular plate.
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    My Patriot Blue & Black/New Saddle Longhorn

    I have let my dealer know that there will be NO identifying marks on the vehicle other than a license plate frame. IF there is a sticker or plaque on the vehicle at delivery, then I will not buy the truck!
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    Order Tracking

    That totally sucks! RAM needs to get their act together! I ordered mine on 01/07/2019 and it was built on 02/12/2019. Granted, I still don't have the vehicle. Granted I still don't know when I will have the vehicle. But the major hurdle of having it built is over, and now I am just waiting...
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    Limited 4x4 Granite - Finally Got Her In!

    I am not planning on towing anything, so I didn't pay too much attention to my dealer, but he did state that getting the eTorque and the 3.92 rear provided me with the greatest towing capacity for the truck. Is that not the case?
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    Longhorn two tone rugged brown/walnut

    I have already ordered my RAM, and hopefully it will be at the dealership soon for delivery. I was toying with the idea of two tone paint, but decided against it. My question is, since we are doing a factory order, why is there an exclusion on being able to order two tone paint? It's a custom...
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    Order Tracking

    The dealership is now telling me that the truck is in OH, but still no definite shipping ETA.
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    Order Tracking

    Is that snow or sand?
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    Front bench seat question?

    Thank you for the great picture. I am still anxiously awainting the delivery of my new truck. It is in Toledo, with no ETA to Georgia. Are the seats leather? I am wondering why I was only given the option of black on the interior leather color.
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    Ramcharger not available with 6-seat configuration

    I ordered my Laramie on 01/07/2019. The dealer was careful to point out that since I wanted the bench seat (40/20/40) that I would lose the RamCharger option. I kinda wanted the RamCharger, but I wanted bench seating more. I can't stand being hemmed in by a center console. I also got the...
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    New recall on power adjusting pedals

    I got on a chat session with FCA customer service, and they stated that "most likely" the recalls had already been performed at the factory during the build. My build date was 02/12/2019.
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    Bed Step Install Doc and Pics

    I ordered this on my Laramie that is due in any day now. Since you actually have one, I can ask the question of how sturdy is it? I weigh about 350 on a good day. Will it hold my weight?
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    Known Issue - Backup Camera System Unavailable

    How did you find out the transit method? I know now not to disconnect the negative battery terminal. Hopefully there will be no acceleration lag.
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    Ram 1500 orders - Tell Us About Yours!

    You must have the patience of Job! I was giving my dealership headaches asking for updates and it's been just over 30 days. Of course, it still isn't delivered yet, but I don't think that it's another 30 days away.
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    New recall on power adjusting pedals

    Not that it means anything, but I went on the MOPAR site and checked my VIN and it says that there are no recalls on that VIN. I hope that the website is correct.