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    Who here is NOT happy with their e-Torque system?

    I bought my 2020 with etorque the day it was unloaded at the dealership. After 34k miles, the only warranty work I've needed was the et generator. It didn't fail, but started whining like a bad alternator. Replaced under warranty and fine ever since. I honestly don't see it being that useful...
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    What did you do to your Ram today???

    What wheels do you have?
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    Leveling Kit

    I used the RC forged UCAs 3-3.5". I've had them on for probably 8-10k miles with no issues. They are bulkier than the tubular UCAs offered by other companies. I installed 285/60r20 tires on oem wheels, and the clearance between tire and UCA is a little close. Couldn't go any wider without...
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    Leveling Kit

    I put Bilsteins set on setting #4 on my 2020 Bighorn with the orp. Had Rough Country UCAs installed at the same time. The shop told me the alignment was very easy. The angles look great. It's probably only a hair over 2.5", but they work fine.
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    Best Direct Fit Muffler for a 2021 Ram 1500 5.7L HEMI

    I put a solo performance qr300 on my truck, and very pleased with the results. Haven't done any towing, so not much help there.
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    Is that the qr300 or mr300?
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    2020 Rebel 5.7L Hemi Exhaust Suggestions

    Trying to find a sound clip of the qr300 so I can hear it
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    Looking for specific chrome aftermarket parts!

    You can usually find a set of factory takeoff chromes pretty easy, but I caught a deal on the ions I bought that made it cheaper for me to go aftermarket. The +18 offset keeps the tires from poking out and throwing debris. I added chrome mirror covers, and recently bought chrome grill overlays...
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    Looking for specific chrome aftermarket parts!

    I replaced my 18" factory rims with 20" ion chrome 141 wheels with a +18 offset. Really sets off the chrome bumpers
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    Looking for specific chrome aftermarket parts!

    Maybe you're not all alone out there. I'm a chrome lover, too. I'll post a few pics after this Illinois cold snap and I can clean all the salt off
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    Bilstein 5100

    New to the forum, wanted a little input. Bought a 2020 1500 with off road package last week, want to level it up, no big lift. I used bilsteins on my gen 4 Ram 1500 and got the look I wanted. I don't want huge tires or high lift. Any ideas?