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    Uh oh...P0733 code - help

    Did you get this resolved? Dealer was no help to me on this so gave up and traded the truck for another brand since the trade-in values on used trucks are soo high. Loved the RAM, but the dealer experience dragged it down.
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    Uh oh...P0733 code - help

    MxRacer, is yours an early build from 2018? Have an early build and just got this code as well. We had the harsh shifting since new and we had the TSB software flash done last year which seemed to reduce, but not eliminate the harsh shifting. I've noticed it's felt to shift harsh again. And...
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    Fingers Crossed...Brake Squeal Resolved

    Hello, after waiting a few weeks on parts, just had work completed. Brakes started squealing three weeks into ownership and got it to consistently to squeal after a 15 mile drive on local streets. I did reference both the TSB 05-001-19 and Star Case S1805000008 I got from the forum, but my...
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    Top Glove Box Light Stays On

    Hello my early build(3/2018) RAM had it's upper glove box replaced as the light would not turn off at all. After replacement, the upper light does turn off almost a 1/4" gap from closing. I happened to get a late build Laramie (12/18) rental on a business trip a few weeks back and it also...
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    Slight vibration

    Hello, finally got the truck back after unrelated electrical issues(5+ weeks in a loaner Classic), Dealer had the tires replaced with brand new Bridgestones. They stated the tires were flat spotted. 3/18 build date so the truck was sitting for a long time. After 1,000 miles on the new tires...
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    Slight vibration

    Hello, new owner two weeks in. Adding myself to the list with the vibration. Noticed on day 2 of ownership. Mine appears to be very slight compared to the folks on this thread; still noticeable. I have around 1,000 miles so still waiting for the truck to break-in before the first service...