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    Stock Wheels w/ All Terrain Tires

    Hey just checking in to see if anyone has stock Laramie wheels with an all terrain tire Setup
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    Rear Resonator Delete

    Anyone have stock muffler with just a rear resonator delete ? Looking for feedback/reviews was thinking about installing the flowmaster american thunder axleback with the 4.5” tips
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    Has anyone installed the flow master fx?

    Anyone have any videos of the flowmaster fx with stock tail pipes ?
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    Hardwire radar detector to rear view mirror?

    Can anyone shed some light on how to remove the plastic trim on the laramie .... i see that the laramie rearview mirror is different from the limiteds
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    Flowmaster Axle Back

    Was wondering if anyone Has just this installed ? How does it sound?
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    Tail Light Tints

    looking to tint just the middle portion on the tail lights similar to the night edition, was wondering if anyone did theirs and whether or not it would effect the blind spot monitoring system ?? Thanks
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    Disconnect Battery ?when installing intake

    Is it really necessary to disconnect the negative terminal when installing air intake ?
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    Thanks hope so fingers crossed .... do i need to do anything drive around , ? Idle ? Or just leave truck off ?
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    Disconnected my negative battery terminal and now all my apps are lost, no siriusxm, no reverse camera, and heat climate control knob just goes from lo to hi all presets and radio channels are gone ....