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  1. J

    Aftermarket Amp and 12” sub install in a HK LIMITED!

    Nice Work! Did you pull all the carpet or do just the rear half? If you were doing it again how much Butyl and MLV would you use?
  2. J

    Starting to paint most of the full front end

    Hey. Looks badass. I am in the process of doing my Longhorn right now. I was hoping to strip the chrome chemically. Did you try that? I have all the pieces separated currently. What grit sandpaper were you using? Are you happy with the finish now? Can I ask about the paint also? How did you...
  3. J

    2019 ram HK system complete system upgrade

    Do all the lights dim when you have it cranked?
  4. J

    2019 ram HK system complete system upgrade

    Thanks for all the info! Why did you go with the vxi 800/8 instead of the 600/6?