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    Paintless dent repair on Laramie bumper?

    If the repair person can gain access behind the dent, in most cases this would be a good candidate.
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    Biggiehorn's Build Thread

    Thanks, I will check it out as I have a 2021 also. I have the factory full coverage ones but I like the extra under the rear seat.
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    Biggiehorn's Build Thread

    Where did you get the rear mat? The website doesn't even show anything for a 2021 model.
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    4WD Light Blinking

    Did you put it in " N" before you switched to 4wd? Did you drive it anywhere after you made the switch to 4wd?
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    First thing to do is get it back to the dealer and have them bled. You probably have some air in the system. I have a 2021 Laramie Sport and the brakes are fantastic! Please post what you find out about the problem.
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    Poor gas mileage

    Yes, mine is Four Wheel Drive. My speed varied from 40 to 65 for the first 400 miles and then 50 to 75 the last 400 miles. I tried to vary the speed up and down as well as duration to help the break-in.
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    Poor gas mileage

    I drove my new 2021 home from the dealer 4 weeks ago. 800 mile trip and I averaged 23mpg. I have the 5.7 with E-Torque and 3:21 final drive. I am averaging about 18mpg around town. The 23mpg was the same as my 3500 with the Cummins I traded in. A pleasant surprise for sure. My highway mileage...