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  1. Bryan5

    Hello from the Bayou!

    Nice truck. Fellow Louisiana Ram owner. Got my 2019 Ram Bighorn/Lonestar in December.
  2. Bryan5

    Where we are located: North America

    Leonville, Loisiana here.
  3. Bryan5

    Long time CHEVY owner, HI!

    Like you I made the switch from Chevy to Ram. Welcome.
  4. Bryan5

    New Ram owner

    Thinking about making one with the 5thgenrams logo cut in it. I will share when done.
  5. Bryan5

    New Ram owner

    To commerate my purchase of my RAM, I laser cut a stainless steel key chain medallion.
  6. Bryan5

    New Ram owner

    Long time Chevy owner, Now a proud owner of a 2019 Big Horn. Never thought I would own a Ram until I saw the redesigned 5th gen. Great truck!