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  1. Levi Morgan

    Dead Battery Poll

    My 2019 always cranked without the slightest hesitation. One morning it is stone dead. 38k miles. Dealer put in new battery. $280.00!!
  2. Levi Morgan

    Ram reliability?

    The 2021 Silverado is ranked dead last in customer satisfaction. Dead last to all vehicles not just trucks. Something seriously wrong going on at GM. Bent pushrods and bad injectors. The transmissions are failing in the Duromax.
  3. Levi Morgan

    Adjusting windshield washer spray pattern

    Bad nozzles. I have had two replacements. 185$ ra
  4. Levi Morgan

    My 2020 Ram Limited going to the dealer tomorrow for several issues

    My 2019 has 31m miles and the Bridgestones look to have another 10m in them. My only issue is the radio loses its presets and the ignition button broke.
  5. Levi Morgan

    Radio loses presets

    I am tired of having to re set my favorites on the Alpine Radio. Anybody else having this problem?
  6. Levi Morgan

    87 or 89 Gas which do you use?

    I use 87 because I could tell absolutely no difference between it and 89 or 91.
  7. Levi Morgan


    The Superteh Full Syn from Walmart is hard to beat. It's made by Warren. Their refinery makes many name brand oils. The UOA from Blackstone Labs backs it up.
  8. Levi Morgan

    eTorque Decal

    Love my etorque
  9. Levi Morgan

    Just drove my 2019 Laramie on a 1900 miles trip

    I have Degenerative Bone disease. The wife and I bought our Laramie because of its smooth comfortable ride. I hate having to step up to get into it though. Any way we just returned from a nineteen hundred mile trip through five states. The Laramie was AMAZING comfortable. The heated seats and...
  10. Levi Morgan

    Factory tour?

    Does the Sterling Height Ram Plant have tours for the public?
  11. Levi Morgan

    eTorque Decal

    I just had my graphic guy make me a chrome eTorque decal. I like decals that are understated. This fits the bill.
  12. Levi Morgan

    Add another windshield crack

    My 2019 Laramie only has 2300 miles on it. Last night on smooth highway I here a pop. Next morning I have a big curved crack. No impact chip.This isn't just coincidence, I'm convinced.
  13. Levi Morgan

    Should RAM ditch the knob shifter ?

    No, I love the knob.
  14. Levi Morgan

    Price negotiated from MSRP

    2019 Laramie 4 x 2 E-torque Ram Box Nav MSRP 54500 Price 47000