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    Rear window leak

    I tried sealing mine but ran out of sealant and it's still leaking. I'm consider just paying to have it replaced but it looks like that might not even fix it for good. I might just get a new truck :confused:
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    Rear window leak

    I just noticed a stain on my headliner today. Unfortunately it doesn't look like it was from the 3rd brake light. There are no visible cracks on the inside, the only possible crack I see is on the top seal between the window and cab I have a 2019 with 32k miles that went out of waranty 2 months...
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    Annnnnnd I let it idle

    While it's not ideal to idle for that long, I wouldn't worry about it. I got mine with 50 miles on it about 3 years ago. I drove it for a couple weeks and put about 1,000 miles on it before I discovered there was already 80 hours of idle on the engine. My Hemi was broken-in at idle. I have a...
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    Who's removed their grille?

    A little late but a few weeks ago I replaced my bumper and grille and felt like I'd break something if I pulled those corner pieces too hard. I found it was easier to drop the bumper first, then the 2 clips that you broke were easily freed with a flat head screwdriver. I didnt have to remove...
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    Electric Power Washer

    I used to use this setup but I no longer use my foam cannon. I still do 2 bucket with grit guard wash though.
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    Help me choose a Tonneau Cover

    I have the MX4, it's nice but we had about quarter size hail a few weeks ago, my truck is fine but there are dings all over the tonneau cover and it's probably not repairable.
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    Windshield wiper damaging hood

    Today I noticed a scratch on driver windshield wipers which has also damaged the paint on my hood. Anyone else have this issue? It's sad to see the lack of attention to detail in these trucks. I've found missing clips on panels as well. :/
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    Door dings

    Someone backed into my truck this weekend and ran. My neighbor's truck has been MIA since and the tail light fragments left all over my driveway matches the missing truck :unsure: I don't understand people.
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    Door dings

    I usually park with the curb on one side and try to be on the passenger side of cars that pull head in. I think this greatly reduces the chance of getting dings. One day I was in a rush and didn't follow my parking rules and got two door dings on my driver door.
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    Anyone found a good hard tri fold for 2019 ram no box short bed

    I went with with the MX4 and overall happy with it but I was a little disappointed to find some deep scratches on the rails out of the box. I don't believe any cover is 100% leak proof but the only outside light I could see from inside the bed was on the corners of the tailgate.
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    Shifter knob issues, 2019 RAM 1500, help- BRAND NEW

    Are you using automatic parking brake? If you don't have your seatbelt on and put it in drive or reverse the parking brake doesn't automatically disengage.