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    What happened to 2021 HFE Diesel?

    I thought there was a ruckus about the latest HFE model being a diesel. I just came from the Ram site and it shows it as the 2.6L V6 with eTorque. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    uConnect 12.1 update (July 2020 update) effectively makes HD radio unusable

    So, as far as anybody can tell, this latest OTA update does nothing but break functionality. This makes me livid. Forget the MSRP of the vehicle, this is ONE 12 INCH RADIO. There is absolutely no excuse for us to be having all of these problems. There isn't 14 different models of 12 inch radios...
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    SiriusXM Guardian Constant Harassment Emails.

    I have NEVER been able to use the app or website to send commands to my truck to do anything at all. Essentially I had a 1 year "trial" that NEVER worked. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Harman Kardon Boomy Bass

    When I get a chance to ill pop a microphone in the cab and SHOW you what the system is doing. I won't be able to get to it until mid July tho. I cant stand it when people offer solutions and fixes without even knowing exactly what's going on.
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    New software 20.04.19

    I love how we pay $40-60K to be beta testers. It should really be the other way around.
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    Factory trailer brake controller - can it work automatically below 15 mph?

    I also have this problem!
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    Use key without fob?

    Hello all! Just ran into a situation where I did not have the fob on me but I did have they key that is in the fob. WhenI Opened the door the alarm sounded... in a campground... Is there a way to disable this? Is thee a way to unlock the truck and get into it without the key fob nearby but...
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    Why is it so difficult to order Wi-Fi?!

    ** update ** I believe what happened is the trial data ran out ( like @Neurobit mentioned) which caused it to send me to the AT&T login page. I then decided to navigate to the page they requested https://myvehicle.att.com to figure out what was up. I decided to purchase a monthly plan that I...
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    Why is it so difficult to order Wi-Fi?!

    Hello Sigma1118 I like iPhones. Im not buying a new phone right now because I don't see the advantage of buying a new phone when new ones are going to be announced on the 10th. Waiting widens my options to purchasing the latest and greatest if the new tech is a worthwhile upgrade or purchasing...
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    Why is it so difficult to order Wi-Fi?!

    Good afternoon everybody. To make a long story short. The cellular bits in my phone died. So I decided to activate my three-month trial, so I have a phone while I'm driving. Why did Chrysler go from, (in my 2015 Jeep Cherokee) Tapping a button, putting in a four-digit code and having wifi...
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    Hopefully a simple question.

    Thank you! Good to know. I think I will try moving it back some. I can see this is going to get tricky when I get more gear. I did want to use a WD hitch but im not. The short tongue on the trailer prevents me from getting an equalizer. Is there a WD hitch with sway control that I can put on...
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    Hopefully a simple question.

    I own a 2019 Laramie 4x4 crew cab V8 with the 3.92 rear end. I am towing a 7x16 ft enclosed cargo trailer with cargo of course. If I weigh my truck and trailer and get the steer, drive, trailer axel weight, then weigh my truck without the trailer to get the steer and drive axle weight. Then...
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    UConnect/CarPlay Problems

    There is a setting in iOS to allow CarPlay to be used while the phone is locked. Settings > General > CarPlay > tap on <insert car radio name here> and toggle "allow CarPlay while locked" switch. :)
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    My experience, so far

    Is that a quote from the manual? Why would you shut the system off when not using it. What happens if you just leave it on? So when it starts raining, the wipers come on. :)
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    7x16 Cargo Trailer - no WD hitch needed?

    Thank you for the heads up @rceagle1a. Im not sure of any other way to reduce squat so everything rides as close to level as possible. I could be overthinking and over worrying about it as well.
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    7x16 Cargo Trailer - no WD hitch needed?

    Assuming a 5040 lb trailer the tongue weight should be around 605 lbs. (@ 12% tongue weight) I almost forgot. Thats another thing I noticed. It looked like the tongue on the trailer didn't have enough room for one. Does anybody recommend air bags (lease friendly ones) that can be used to...
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    7x16 Cargo Trailer - no WD hitch needed?

    Good evening all! The most I've towed previously is a 5x8 v nose cargo trailer with 880 lbs in it. Roughly 1850 lbs total weight trailer included. I recently purchased some extra gear and needed a bigger trailer. I'm looking at purchasing a dual axel 7x16 trailer with electronic breaks...
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    Loud Noise on Startup

    I also have noticed this loud pop or click noise when starting. I thought it may be a backfire and having something to do with Multi cylinder deactivation system during start up causing a backfire or something.
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    Cutting the ANC mic wires

    Why are you cutting the ANC mic wires?
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    Uconnect remote app commands not working after a while

    Im also having this issue. After the truck sits for a while it won't receive commands. BUT, send & go will still work using the (light blue) app. When I read about the "uConnect App" and Guardian App" what two apps are you referring to? I previously had a jeep that used which seems to be...