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    was your truck on this carrier

    Not when their they short... looks like only a few cars... not saying it could’ve stopped in time but depending on the track there’s every chance that they had enough sight distance to slow down safely and stop.
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    12 uconnect & remote start

    I know my 20 does it with the climate set to auto. It’s crazy hot here so it cranks the ac in the summer. Last winter it would fire up the heater and also turn on the window defrost automatically. Try running it in auto and see.
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    Suddenly U-connect alerts

    Interesting because while Mine won’t let me access it because my subscription is expired the messages in the app do say a vehicle health report is available
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    Shipping from Plant to Dealer?

    Don’t give them any ideas!!! Next line item will be “guy that inflates tires lunch break cost”...
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    TRX Shifter swap

    So when they put this in the trx what’d they do with the monster storage they blocked off? Leave a big empty space you can’t access?
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    Fuel storage in bed ideas

    I mean I’ve seen people Throw a tarp in the bed and make a hot tub... should work with gasoline too...
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    Aluminum lug nuts

    Sure it’s not titanium? It would be crazy to make lug nuts out of aluminum. Aluminum threads don’t like going on and off like a lug but is intended to do. Normally if your making parts out of aluminum and need threaded holes that will see repeated fastener use they will helicoik the hole just...
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    Bed light covers falling out after LineX lining put in

    Yep they’re designed for the thickness of the bed sheet metal not the extra thickness of the liner... you could take a razor and cut the little tabs that actually lock them in down a little at a time till they snap in better.
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    Ram TRX Driver Sinks Their 702-HP Super Truck at Texas Off-Road Park

    Lol that’s right down the road from me apparently and yea act’s go there all the time... and they either float them or they drown them there all the time.
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    Another broke TRX!

    The raw stupidity of people is amazing sometimes
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    Body mount installed wrong? Need help

    Most lift spacers today arent metal so hearing a clunk from it would be odd
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    Body mount installed wrong? Need help

    Based on the pictures without the plate the bolt isn’t able to properly compress the bushing... this would make the noise your describing. With the age and mileage it’ll still be under the factory warranty, take it in and have them fix it.
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    Quad cab Vs Crew Cab running boards

    Completely different... the mounting points have different spacing between the models because the cabs are different lengths.
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    Most inflated new car price due to shortages

    That’s insane! One of those cars had a markup that was more than the original sticker price!
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    How much weight can closed tailgate support?

    Your going to damage the plastic cap and dent the actual tailgate before the latch and hinges fail in the closed position
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    Alignment: Firestone Could Not Align My 2021 Ram 1500 DT

    I know when I worked at 4wp the alignment machine hadn’t been updated in 7 years or so... we just picked a vehicle that spec’ed close to what we needed and ran with it
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    Biggest Tire on 22 inch wheels

    Grab a sawzall and you can fit some 54’s for cheap.
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    Nitrogen vs Regular Air

    What’s funny is most of the time even when you pay extra for nitrogen they just put green caps on and call it a a day. The tires are mounted and then pressurized to seat the beads with shop air, if your lucky and it’s on the ticket they may let some of that air out... but they usually just...
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    Rubbing issues lower control arm and knuckle

    It’s normal, that’s just from turning the wheel until it hits the steering stop
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    Ram getting rid of the 5.7 in favor of an Inline 6?

    I love being right.... been asking how everyone thinks they’ll power all the electric vehicles everytime it’s brought up. Look at commiefornia now, they asking electric vehicle owners not to charge them cause the grid can’t handle that and the rest of demand.