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    Laramie seat discoloration ?

    I don't really haul things that much back there but I guess you never know I could have hit it with something and never noticed since I don't open the back door much. Since no one has ever sat in the back seat I just keep them up. Thanks I will just try and wash it off with some soap and water...
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    Laramie seat discoloration ?

    Hi All So I noticed yesterday that the back of passanger side seat had some spot. Truck is still fairly new. Have only had a passenger a few times and keep the back seat up. I tried wiping it with a cloth just to see, but nothing. Just looks faded and dry. Any thoughts? Thanks
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    My 2022 Southwest Edition Laramie

    And I got a door ding, my fault. But I did feel like I barely hit and it still shows.
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    My 2022 Southwest Edition Laramie

    Blistein 5100 set at #5. Non ORP. UCA stock. I got 1 5/8” lift out of this setting. I had over 2” of rake to start with and still 3/4-1 depending on where I measure and ground. Every truck is different, but just wanted to post as a lot of people say #5 get you level. As of right now I am leaving...
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    Thanks. Yes the -25 offset is way to much for me then. I will keep looking.
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    Finally found a set of wheels I like. Actually I have found quite a few but seems like everyone has them(fuel). The problem is this wheels are only offered in 10” wide and -25 offset and I don’t that much poke. How does a 10” wheel effect things?
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    Part number help

    Hi Looking for a part number for the taillight plug/grommet/pop plug. Not sure what is exactly called, but when you remove the taillight you have to pop them out to be able to pull light out. For a 21, but pretty sure that doesn't matter. Thanks
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    UConnect 26.15 Update Thread

    Well that didn’t take long since I got the notification yesterday. It updated at some point today automatically. The only reason why I noticed is when I got in to drive the stereo volume seemed low even though it was turned up to where I normally have it. I checked and it was 26.17. So about...
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    Hypothetical scenarios. What would you do?

    Get what you want, but at a better price than that. Not saying you have to get a crazy good deal, but you could get a better deal on the Laramie without much effort. Good luck
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    UConnect 26.15 Update Thread

    My truck notified me today that update was available. I disregarded as 26.15 has given me no issues. I’m sure it will do automatically at some point or maybe I will go back to it this weekend
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    Have a couple Big Horn/Laramie questions/comparisons.

    Passive entry was my biggest reason for not getting another big horn/lone star. Nothing else really bothered me about it. Don’t get me wrong I like my Laramie though.
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    Mark Dodge Thread

    Well Mark Dodge handle the registration part great. Got my truck 12/23. Did inspection next day. They received all the paperwork from me on 12/28. She said would process by 1/2/2023. Plates arrived today 1/24. That is pretty fast for Texas standards where some dealers have you waiting way...
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    Rear cab cargo light when tailgate is open?

    I just checked mine. Lights come on when open door or touch promixty sensors. But when just opening tailgate by itself no lights
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    Elevated tray for storage console

    So I’m looking for something that fits in the large storage console. I like it a lot, but with this truck and my last I just end up with a lot of junk as it becomes my trash can when driving. I don’t have wireless charging but was thinking maybe if finding a tray or box that fits so that it’s...
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    Truck mod upgrade

    While not the most visual upgrade😬. Added the second foam cup holder for passenger door. Probably added at least 5 more hp.
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    UConnect 26.15 Update Thread

    Mine came with 26.15 from factory. Picked up 3 weeks ago
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    Non LT tire recommendations

    Thanks all. I Like the Michelins, but for his budget(son), that I am chipping in on I am thinking about this for middle of the road pricing and specs.
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    Non LT tire recommendations

    What are some good stock replacement tires for 275/55-20 stock wheels. Decent for mainly street and highway. Bad weather is mostly rain. Thanks
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    Start of 2023 Production

    I will have to check mine to see tomorrow
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    Start of 2023 Production

    Nice truck!