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    Key fob programming

    I did send some cab logs to j-scan developer of using a working tool on a 1500. Time will tell if it plays out.
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    Swap BCM from 2019 to 2022 for New Features?

    Thanks for reporting. Changing mine in a day or two.
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    Non-folding Towing mirrors change to powered folding?

    I did mine, ordered mopar parts (not thru infotainment) but from just mopar parts. mirrors, switch, and you need left and right door modules, because yours will not have power outputs for motors. then, once installed, you need jscan or alfaobd to enable them. its straightforward, plug and...
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    Key fob programming

    I'll confirm on my 5th gen 1500, have not been able to read pin using jscan yet; however, I did successfully program a key, offline, using an autel km100. was able to read a 4 digit pin, and that worked for programing. it takes some time, so it really makes me wonder if "reading" is just a...
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    Key fob programming

    Tried iOS version and also unable to read pin. Maybe next update fingers crossed
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    Key fob programming

    super interesting. I think you had earlier mentioned programming a new fob might work to marry a new bcm.
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    Key fob programming

    thanks for sharing! exciting update. have you tried if the bcm or rfh replace works yet?
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    TRX Steering Wheel Swap

    thanks for sharing results. what TCM software version ended up working best?
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    Weight needed to balance new tires

    if you get one under 4oz, you're doing good. 6 isn't that bad, if it balanced out, don't mess with it. its a heavy + wide tire.
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    TRX Steering Wheel Swap

    oh wow. tcm flash looks to be successful. I wonder if there is now a bcm config incorrect or just a missing parameter in general from your bcm software? have you compared bcm logs from your truck against a GT truck at this point?
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    TRX Steering Wheel Swap

    Hmm. Not sure. I’ve always used a bypass when using hptuners to flash; and also when using the j2534 passthru tool works with it in place as well. I think you’ll need a bypass because the clone micro pods only work offline I believe and can’t link them to techauthority online mode. I could...
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    TRX Steering Wheel Swap

    also, does clone micro pod needs sgw bypass method, as it does not do a techauthority unlock, right? Is that the error maybe?
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    TRX Steering Wheel Swap

    What tcm part number / software version are you trying?
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    TRX Steering Wheel Swap

    can you give some additional info on swapping a BSG TCM? did you do a new or used part, and what programing was required?
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    TRX Steering Wheel with Paddle Shifters

    I've had a trx wheel in my bighorn for 6 months now. the paddles just do the gear limiter function, as I have not been able to figure how to flash my TCM
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    any one antenna fin leak?

    no leaks no issues with silicone. have all my ram trucks done.
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    Alfa OBD or Jscan. Which is better?

    did it mess up your park sensors? if I go over 33, my sensors stop working
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    looking good man
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    nice! some pics! they do ride super super nice. hows the highway noise on the 115T's? the 10-ply's are noticeable, but I'm keeping them for now because they just ride and handle so darn nice. I was really expecting a harsh ride.
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    Air conditioning Hack

    what does "gone out" mean?