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  1. James1414d

    What else in your garage?

    Recent garage mate addition.
  2. James1414d

    Official Rugged Brown Pearlcoat Thread

    Gimmie yer hood!
  3. James1414d

    I hate people

    Adds character
  4. James1414d

    Beer - what are you drinking / brewing thread

    I Googled Longmire. I will have to check that out. It looks up my alley. As far as Rainier goes, I think it's only distributed in the NW.
  5. James1414d

    Beer - what are you drinking / brewing thread

    Pretty spoiled on good beer here in Portland, but Rainier is my go-to
  6. James1414d

    Center Console Lid

    Might consider swapping mine. The Longhorn emblem burns my arm in the summertime.
  7. James1414d

    Anyone ACTUALLY running 5w-30 or even 10w-30? Thoughts? Experience? Any REAL TRUTH to throwing a code running higher weight oil (no conjecture please)

    I've run synthetic 5-30 exclusively in my truck. I get it free from work. I haven't had any problems whatsoever. It is at 20k miles.
  8. James1414d

    Post your pics of 37s and give some feedback!

    Looks awesome on the stock rims!
  9. James1414d

    Help with Tire Decision

    I'm not a fan of Toyo personally. I have the BFG A/T which also have the mountain symbol.
  10. James1414d

    Has anyone received a refund on a dealer installed option?

    They tried to add 'Perma Plate' glass protector to my contract. I had them go ahead and take that off. It is just a 400$ sticker on the corner of the windshield as far as I can tell. They of course left the high dollar sticker in place lol
  11. James1414d

    My 2020 Ram Limited going to the dealer tomorrow for several issues

    I'm curious what they will do with the dash. Mine is doing the same thing
  12. James1414d

    It's on the warm side here in Portland

    LOL! A/C and seat ventilation is working overtime
  13. James1414d

    Just sold to Vroom...

    It's a typo. You can click on "show window sticker". Or they are charging for aftermarket accessories with the truck. Or they are just crooks:ROFLMAO:
  14. James1414d

    Just sold to Vroom...

    Well, after reading this thread, I decided to try out Vroom. I have a Bronco on order and was going to trade in my 2019 Mustang. I paid 23500 in January 2020. They offered 28740. I had to fill out some online forms and am now waiting for a Fedex document. So far, very smooth! I will definitely...
  15. James1414d

    BDS ball joint gives way... What a mess.

    Wow, BDS is junk!
  16. James1414d

    If you bought a truck that's not a Ram

    I had two new Silverados before my Ram. They were both great! Not anywhere near as comfortable as the Ram, but good runner ups.
  17. James1414d

    89 octane recommend, does it really make a difference?

    Oregon and I believe New Jersey have laws that require a gas attendant to fuel your vehicle. I'm not sure the reason the law still exists.
  18. James1414d

    What does everyone do for a living?

    Subaru tech in Portland Oregon. VERY BUSY!
  19. James1414d

    Has anyone other then me ordered a Bronco?

    I ordered a new Bronco Badlands 2 door with the 2.7/10sp auto. I got every option available. It wont be replacing my Longhorn, but my Mustang. Just curious if anyone else was on board.