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    Anyone have their windshield replaced yet? Decision!

    Sorry for the late reply. We have the summer sprint going on over here! Lol. At least for my shop. If one of our customers has an issue caused by our installers, we would pay the closest shop to where your at to fix the issue. Being in small business for so long I would drive home with duct tape...
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    Anyone have their windshield replaced yet? Decision!

    Hello gents. Owner of a local glass shop and have been doing glass since 99’ here. If you can get your hands on Pilkington glass is just as good as OEM if not better and might be easier to source. Also I would NOT use safelite. They are a corporation with a usually decently ran back office with...
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    2021 Ram 1500 Leveling kit

    On the 21 is the uca replacement suggested? Got about an alignment? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro