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  1. Scram1500

    UAW VP Says Stellantis Has Threaten To Move Ram 1500 Production To Mexico

    Does this mean we'll be crossing the border into Mexico for trabaho? That would be ironic. Also, will artificial intelligence give a **** about what country it's working in?
  2. Scram1500

    What did you do to your Ram today???

    The question is do you cut off the pull tab so there is a clean line?
  3. Scram1500

    Alpharex NOVA series or Morimoto XB

    Knock on wood Morimoto XB Gen 2's have been working great in my truck. The only issue has been user created. I installed an on/off switch for the always on signature lights. On the few occasions I've turned the signature lights off, the turn signal will hyperflash after a minute or so.
  4. Scram1500

    What did you do to your Ram today???

    That's some lousy luck. I was on my 4th halogen brake light bulb in my original chmsl when I decided to get the new housing with Lasfits.
  5. Scram1500

    What early 5th Gen issues are still affecting the 2023 models?

    The redesigned third brake light has a marine style closed cell gasket, what it should have been from the beginning.
  6. Scram1500

    What did you do to your Ram today???

    Installed the updated third brake light with Lastfit LED bulbs, no errors as of yet. The cargo light is actually useful now and matches the OEM bed lighting. Was going to get LED tail light housings but may just go the Lastfit route
  7. Scram1500

    First Oil change - High Idle

    There's a note in the manual about changing oil after a certain amount of hours, it's under "Severe Duty" if memory serves
  8. Scram1500

    What did you do to your Ram today???

  9. Scram1500

    2020 Bighorn hemi starting problem

    Once the stored vacuum in the booster is consumed, the brake pedal will become hard.
  10. Scram1500

    Any regrets not getting 4x4

    So we're not doing the truck testicles thing anymore?
  11. Scram1500

    2023 ram 1500 warlock

    We can write off taxes with our dicks? I just use mine to write in the snow
  12. Scram1500

    Anyone else have this noise?

    Possibly the single exhust pipe after the cats? Those 2 bolts are prone to rust and breaking
  13. Scram1500

    Anyone else have this noise?

    Sounds a lot like a cracked manifold or broken bolt
  14. Scram1500

    Purple knob under passenger seat

    Your Ram came with a bottle of Jack? I didn't see that option on the build site
  15. Scram1500

    Cold air intake

    Best one on the market since '95, often imitated, never duplicated. https://www.tornadoair.com/
  16. Scram1500

    Funny Memes or Pictures or Political, Rants, etc.

    Good tutorial for operating a motor vehicle during precipitation. When the wipers are on, the headlights should be on