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  1. J

    Sport hood Emblems

    Let’s see some pictures of them lol
  2. J

    New 5th Gen owner

    Best color. Congratulations, and welcome!
  3. J

    23 Laramie GT ordered and VIN received

    Congratulations. Loving my 22 Rebel G/T's thus far!
  4. J

    New here, and new to trucks

    Welcome! Let's see the rig
  5. J

    Cold Air Intake for Hemi V8 w/ etorque

    Things really took a turn in this thread since my last post, rofl 🍿🍿
  6. J

    Cold Air Intake for Hemi V8 w/ etorque

    If you want better sound, go the exhaust route instead of a CAI. Plenty of options out there, different levels and types of sound, as well as price points. Check out some videos on YouTube, maybe check out someone local with the exhaust you think you like. I wouldn’t rush into it.
  7. J

    What did you do to your Ram today???

    For what it's worth, I have the Adams graphene tire shine and it's whatever. Cover-all lasts longer and easier to apply. Not worth lol
  8. J

    What did you do to your Ram today???

    Beautiful rig. I've been looking for something like the permashine. Please keep up posted how it turns out, wondering if I should go that route
  9. J

    What did you do to your Ram today???

    Did a quick detail last night. The Adams ceramic coating has held up great thus far. Need to get around to spraying my skid plate
  10. J

    Windshield Tint and Paint Protection Film for Sides

    I originally had wanted to go 70%, but my tint shop convinced me to go 40% tint for the windshield. Since then, all of my cars have the windshield tinted. Don't realize it's tinted until I sit in a car which doesn't have it. No waviness, no bubbles, no distortion at all. Cuts down on so much...
  11. J

    ram GT.. need input, resonator delet or just pipes

    Swapping out the resonator will likely increase volume, which shouldn’t be a problem, and I wouldn’t think it would make it sound worse, but exhaust sound is very opinion based. My concern, and what I’m not sure of, is if it would introduce unwanted drone. Post pics/sound clips once done!
  12. J

    RAM letter removal

    This should help Waterfowler always comes through
  13. J

    New to Forum!!

    Good looking truck! Sport hood definitely looks good. Bet you’re excited to pick it up
  14. J

    New to Forum!!

    Congrats! Let’s see some pictures!
  15. J

    must have upgrades / accessories

    Congrats on your purchase. I would consider a ceramic coating, I think DIY is a good option if you’re patient and meticulous. Front bug deflector adds a nice touch on some trucks as well. I did a screen protector for the inside screen, protective film on the door sills as well as the door handle...
  16. J

    New wheel day

    those look great. Give any thought to blacking out the skid plate and front grill emblem? I think that silver is the only thing that slightly clashes. Beautiful truck!
  17. J

    Blacking out Ram Rebel

    on the rebel with the GT package the headlights and taillights are the same with/without the night edition.
  18. J

    Blacking out Ram Rebel

    Forgot to mention, front grill ram lettering needs to be swapped as well. I got mine for about 40$. Agreed, the durability of the overlays is unknown, mine have daily driven 10k over a year and still look good. I do plan on getting aftermarket wheels at some point and keep the stockers as...
  19. J

    Blacking out Ram Rebel

    I got a black GT with night edition, and CGM without. There are nice vinyl overlays (tvd decals if I remember correctly?) for the wheels that work well, and I sprayed the skid plate with bedliner. Side by side can’t tell one wasn’t factory night edition. There’s nothing else added in black with...
  20. J

    Wireless Charging on GT PKG

    To clarify, GT package doesn’t automatically give you the wireless charging pad. My CGM has it, my black one does not. Works okay, will keep my phone from losing charge over short drives if using CarPlay, and add a couple percent over longer drives.