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  1. Pyleketerson

    Considering a Ram 1500, but concerned about reliability... New to 5GenRam

    Good responses on this thread. I have a 2020 Built to Serve edition with 50,000 miles and have had no issues, except getting in to our crummy local dealership for regular service. Love my truck.
  2. Pyleketerson

    Blurry back up camera

    That was my first thought as well. Just a simple swipe with your t-shirt does wonders.
  3. Pyleketerson

    zone 4 inch lift with 35x12.5r20 ridge grapplers

    That certainly looks like a 6” lift. Looks good and tall buddy!
  4. Pyleketerson

    Pictures and Descriptions of Lifts and Tire/Rim Sizes

    It’s amazing how 35’s don’t even look oversized on our trucks. I have a similar setup. Nice looking truck 😎
  5. Pyleketerson

    2020 5.7 Engine Knock

    Yikes. Did the knock come out of nowhere or was it a progression from a small knock to this? That certainly doesn’t sound right or good.
  6. Pyleketerson

    Who here is NOT happy with their e-Torque system?

    I have a Built To Serve edition. Try figuring out that configuration. It’s a mish mash of features, but overall I do like it. No issues with e-torque after two years and 40,000 miles. Great truck.
  7. Pyleketerson

    Some dumb ***** decided it would be a great idea to change lanes without looking

    At first I thought your post was a little overboard, but reading this I understand your frustration. Just tying to pick up your prescription and then this happens, the last thing you needed. Accidents will happen. Glad no one was injured and hope you can get your truck fixed soon! By the way...
  8. Pyleketerson

    4wd Auto feels like 4wd High

    Well there it is, I’m going with this one. Thanks, LouNY. Today was a bit warmer and snow turned to slush and some melted altogether on the streets. In 4wd Auto I could definitely feel the front axle shafts working but did not get the lurching while turning like you do in 4wd High. Side note...
  9. Pyleketerson

    4wd Auto feels like 4wd High

    Thank you. I do have the axle lock but it’s not engaged. I’ve been off road plenty but never pushed the button! I just checked to make sure.
  10. Pyleketerson

    4wd Auto feels like 4wd High

    My front right CV axle was replaced last summer…
  11. Pyleketerson

    4wd Auto feels like 4wd High

    I will only engage on variable surfaces ie. snow and ice. However, I’ll stop at a stop sign or light, and the intersection is dry, and I turn left or right and it still feels like I’m in 4wd High. Unfortunately I don’t know anything about differentials. I don’t see anything locked. My Falken...
  12. Pyleketerson

    4wd Auto feels like 4wd High

    I’m on my third winter in my 2020 Ram BTS (Bighorn). I don’t remember this happening before, but lately when I engage 4wd Auto the truck lurches and jumps around turns like it’s in 4wd High. Hopefully my memory isn’t fading at age 41, but I don’t recall the truck acting this way in the past. I...
  13. Pyleketerson

    Confirmed With UConnect - Uconnect 4 with 8.4" screen will NOT remember last media source at shut off.

    Same. When I start my truck it’s a crapshoot for what’s going to pop up and start playing on the system.
  14. Pyleketerson

    New tradesman vs low mile bighorn? What would you do

    eTorque doesn’t do much and could be an expensive liability down the road. Not a fan. And I have eTorque.
  15. Pyleketerson

    Transmission falling out of Drive on downshift, blinking, displaying "shift to P" and back

    This has happened to me a handful of times, and I just ignore it and everything is fine.
  16. Pyleketerson

    What rear lift to use after RC 2” front level install

    Yeah, good call to do the alignment first. Judging from your original pic it looks like you’ll still want something in the rear but it’s good practice to do it in order. Good luck!
  17. Pyleketerson

    What rear lift to use after RC 2” front level install

    Essentially that’s what I have. 2” up front and 1” in the rear with the off road springs. Icon makes 1.5” rear springs for these trucks as well.
  18. Pyleketerson

    4WD clunk then disengaging

    Correct. They did not.
  19. Pyleketerson

    4WD clunk then disengaging

    Update: right front CV axle pops out. Dealer blamed it on aftermarket suspension install. Shop who did the install laughed at that, said they don’t even touch that. Coilovers are simple plug and play. Classic. $700 out of pocket to replace the CV axle. I hate my dealer.