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  1. J

    Bed Storage Alternatives

    They do not fit on my 2020 1500 Limited 4x4 with Rambox and MFT. It's too narrow for them to fit side by side. The width on mine is about 50". I bought a 48" box from Walmart that fits pretty well. I like it also because it's one long tray vs. two smaller ones. Works better for me...
  2. J

    2020 Limited 1500 - Bakflip MX4 - Ramboxes - Multi-Function Tailgate - Leaking around side silver rails

    Just like the title says. I just received my Bakflip MX4 yesterday and installed it. Rails slid on easily, everything installed fine. I ran some water over it and water is seeping in the gap between the side of the bed and the silver rails. I search a lot of threads in here about the Bakflip...
  3. J

    New 12" Uconnect Software Version 19.33.11? New Update 19.43.1a

    Do the people who are getting the OTA update have the built in hotspot in the vehicle? Is there a way to have it go out and search for updates? Thanks
  4. J

    1st Oil Change Questions - Warranty voiding...

    Did you ever find out the answer to this?
  5. J

    USB Charge Only Option?

    This is what I keep in mine. People can bring their own cables and this sits between the cable and the port. PortaPow 3rd Gen USB Data Blocker (Black) - Protect Against Juice Jacking https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XGM6LJB/
  6. J

    Changed Dash Speakers To Kickers...WOW!

    Thanks. I’ll probably hold off for a while then. Too much work for now.
  7. J

    Changed Dash Speakers To Kickers...WOW!

    I'm going to read through all of these posts one more time. I thought I saw it but the search isn't bringing anything up. I wanted to ask just in case. I swapped out the front 3 speakers on my 2020 HK system with Infinity 3032cfx. They sound great. Now I'm thinking about changing out the...
  8. J

    Key Fob Not Detected - new LEDs were causing it.

    Thanks. Wish I had known it. I read through a ton of threads and never saw it. Probably just an oversight. I appreciate the recommendation.
  9. J

    Key Fob Not Detected - new LEDs were causing it.

    I had changed out the bulbs in my 3rd brake light and cargo lights in the top rear of the cab last night. I noticed last night that the key would not work in my pocket anymore and I had to have the key almost next to the ignition. This morning I tried it a couple of more places and had the same...
  10. J

    Uconnect 12" Software revision 18.45.40 Issues listed - PLEASE BUMP and respond so I can get this sent to the right person(s) at FCA.

    Ok. Thanks. Now I need to figure out how to get them to update my software. Appreciate the help.
  11. J

    Current Map Version??

    2020 Limited Build Date 09/19
  12. J

    Changed Dash Speakers To Kickers...WOW!

    This has been an interesting read to say the least. Thinking about changing out the front 3 as well as the doors in my HK 19 on my 2020 Ram. Could someone verify that I read all the threads correctly and the parts I'm ordering will work? Front 3 : Infinity 3022 or 3032 (seems to be the same...
  13. J

    Multi Function Tailgate and Tonneau Cover

    Ok. Thanks. I must have missed that.
  14. J

    Multi Function Tailgate and Tonneau Cover

    I’ve been following these MFT Tonneau threads. I just picked up my 2020 Limited with MFT and I don’t have the brackets that others seem to have. Am I missing the brackets or was there perhaps a redesign. Mine has a 09-19 build date.
  15. J

    2020 1500 Limited - Rust underneath

    Perfect. Thanks for the replies. Eases my mind a bit.
  16. J

    2020 1500 Limited - Rust underneath

    Hi, while I was under a brand new 2020 1500 Limited I noticed some rust on the underside. Is this something f to be concerned about or is this normal? Other than this, the underside looks pretty good. Thanks