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    Uconnect 5 upgrade via replacing 12" unit?

    With the announcement that Uconnect 5 is coming to Ram 1500. Does anyone think it will be possible to swap out the 12" unit from a 21 and install the new unit to have UC5?
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    Trouble understanding DRL's with the lame, basic halogens.

    HAHA I know the feeling. Glad it worked out
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    Trouble understanding DRL's with the lame, basic halogens.

    There should be an option under settings>lighting to enable/disable.
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    Speedometer recalibration for 2021 1500 with Parking assist

    Ram Security Bypass (Link) OBD Module (Link) Once you have those you just need an Android tablet and alfaobd from the app store. My kids had an old one i used.
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    Speedometer recalibration for 2021 1500 with Parking assist

    I have a 2021 Limited and after adding level and 34” tires I used AlphaOBD and security bypass + obd Bluetooth module to make the changes. No issues and speedo is spot to GPS and Radar detector. $85 all in
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    2022 Ram getting available 360 degree Trailer View camera system

    Probably won’t know until someone gets their hands on the kit in a few months. Seems like a simple plug and play, probably some AlphaOBD work too
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    Radar Detector Hard-wire Install

    I got a fuse tap running from my R7 with blend mount to the fusebox under the steering wheel. In all honesty, it’s easier than trying to tap a wire behind the mirror. The door seal makes running the wire super easy in these 5th gens
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    Help with choosing a factory tire on the 1500 big horn

    Agree with the previous comments. The Falkens are the best of the bunch...but it's not a great bunch overall. If you don't want to pay extra for the Offroad group i would suggest just taking whatever tire comes cheapest and while your waiting for your truck to arrive secure a better set at a...
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    Rear window surround crack.

    It is the whole window. Had it done on my 2020. Talking with friends who have F-150s they seem to have a similar problem.
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    Official Maximum Steel Thread

    Adding my Max Steel to the mix. I had a 19 in Granite Crystal, a 20 in White, and this 21 in MS. By FAR the best color in the mix
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    20X10 or 20X12 Wheels - Need Advice

    I think one thing to consider is the amount of trimming involved with either set up. Going out wide will have the tires hit front and back most likely. Might be ok cause its 33s vs 35s
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    Leak behind rear seats after car wash

    Don't hesitate, make an appointment asap with your dealer. If you know the car wash, take them there to replicate. I dealt with a leak in the front for 9 months on my 2020 Limited before getting it lemoned out via arbitration and swapped for a 2021. Make notes and keep records. Good Luck!
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    Best place to buy blacked out ram badges

    Agree with everyone here. Use Mopar to get the part number then search ebay and some of the 3rd party mopar sites for the best prices. I blacked out my 19 and found an ebay seller who had multiple listings with all the parts i needed. I messaged them and got a nice discount for buying...
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    offset...how much of a difference

    I recently did Fuel 20x9 +20 with 295/60 Ridge Grapplers after doing a spacer/links level. They sit nearly inline with the fender. At +12 you should be good.
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    Fuel Rebel 5’s or 6’s. Toyo AT3 Tires.

    I‘ll my setup yo the list. IMHO the Rebel 6 is the best looking rim on the market. Had them on my list since I had my 19 Laramie but waited until I got the 21 to pull the trigger. 20x9 +20 w/ 295/60 Ridge Grapplers
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    Sedan or SUV to 2021 1500 Limited

    I came from Yukon’s and Other suvs. The limited is just as plush and more versatile in my opinion. Plenty of space and great cargo room
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    Poll on what tires to get.

    My pref is Ridge Grappler but if that's not on your list Open Country. had RG on 3 different trucks and very happy with them and their longevity/performance
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    New Ram

    Welcome & congrats. That color pops
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    Wheel /tire size advice for '21 Limited 1500 w/Air ride No lift

    Nope...most rubbing is cause by offset being negative and pushing the wheels out. My the +20 you wont hit any fender pieces and have clearance of the control arms/struts