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  1. devildodge

    Multifunction tailgate uncommon?

    I wish the HD trucks would get it!
  2. devildodge

    For those who follow along on my camping threads and have discussed off pavement travel dispersed camping in Pennsylvania with me

    My friend made a YouTube video of a trail ride I led to show off pavement travel and dispersed campsites in PA. Check out the video...
  3. devildodge

    Are These ratings for real????

    Once again, MAX is the key word. This would be a regular cab 2wd tradesman. Forget MAX. Get the GCWR from a chart and the rest is on your door Sticker. Max towing means nothing. Unless you have the base truck and drive by yourself and be under 300lbs. The gooseneck to 5th wheel seems like...
  4. devildodge

    31 foot travel trailer

    The 6.4 was built to use the MDS and 87 octane. It never not once ever said anything about 93. Some years the manual says 87 acceptable 89 preferred...but that was due to customer and web pages saying oh my I could feel I lost 5 hp running 87... I run E15 88 in mine. Save another 25 cents...
  5. devildodge

    Why V8 Hemi is going away, interesting find!

    I would never Get too excited over YouTube videos and anything our government tries to implement. Look at the Durango Hell Cat...was only going to be sold one more time ...then, they spend time and money making it again. They got the ev vehicles coming in force. Some already selling. Just a...
  6. devildodge

    Camping, tent, travel trailer, HAMMOCK

    Started in Tuscarora State Forest on the 2nd. Spent 7 days there, dodging rain events and enjoying the peace and quiet. This was our 5th trip to this site. And each time it gets better. Learning some local knowledge and taking a look at some historical literature, we have now come to the...
  7. devildodge

    2019 RAM 4wd overheated performance temporarily reduced

    This thread is about the issues with the 4auto transfer case. When it was originally wrote the Rebel and the tradesman were the only 2 trims with the other transfer case. Then, when I wrote that post the 4auto became available on the Rebel. So, the only way to be sure you do not get it was...
  8. devildodge

    Texas Custom Shop Builds Regular Cab Ram 1500 TRX!

    Perfect. Wish the regular cab was back and people would buy them. I need a good source of used ones for when I get the chance to make a purchase. This and a Ramcharger style would be so cool to see produced
  9. devildodge

    Rebel Buzz Model 2 ??? Anyone?

    The rebel got it too
  10. devildodge

    Rebel Buzz Model 2 ??? Anyone?

    It would be the new Rebel and TRX Lunar
  11. devildodge

    Funny Memes or Pictures or Political, Rants, etc.

    We have had a few...
  12. devildodge

    Camping, tent, travel trailer, HAMMOCK

    After doing a lot of stealth camping this very mild winter, it is time for the campgrounds to open and start our first regular season trip of the year. About 12 hours and I will be enjoying this Also got a new backpacking setup that I hope to try out at some point. Can not wait to hook the...