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  1. Biggiehorn

    Biggiehorn's Build Thread

    A couple of small additions over the last week or so… 1) Finally decided to grab the Auxbeam switch panel mount for the center console. I don’t know why I waited so long to do this. I’ve wanted it since I first came across the product. Really happy with the look and fitment. Not to mention it...
  2. Biggiehorn

    Fitting 18 Inch Wheels?

    The overall outside wheel diameter is only a piece of it. Inner barrel sizing can vary considerably from brand to brand among other measurements. I can't remember any specific 18" wheels off hand that do not fit, but I have read several instances of some wheels just not being compatible due to...
  3. Biggiehorn

    Fitting 18 Inch Wheels?

    Results seem to be all over the place. I have talked with a few guys that love balance beads, and others that have had the same experience that I did. It was annoying driving to work on what felt like clouds one morning, and then blocks the next lol. Glad to hear that they have worked out for...
  4. Biggiehorn

    Fitting 18 Inch Wheels?

    I'll personally never run balance beads again. The truck shop that mounted my previous 20" wheel setup decided to use balance beads without even giving me an option. I figured I'd roll with them and see how they did. I made it a whopping 10k miles and decided enough was enough. Around the city...
  5. Biggiehorn

    Micro Fiber towels

    I said up in my original comment on this thread that I wasn't completely sold on the CG wash, but my opinion has flipped on that. After using up the CG wash, I switched to some no-name microfiber wash from Amazon and the difference was immediately noticed. I guess the old saying "You don't know...
  6. Biggiehorn

    Alpharex pro

    Check your DRL settings in your radio. There is a DRL checkbox under headlight settings that you can select/deselect. I remember doing that for my VLAND LED lights to resolve a similar issue. Hopefully it works in your situation.
  7. Biggiehorn

    Mopar LED Bed Lights Install?

    The spare tire might make it a bit more difficult to locate the passenger side. Your passenger side harness runs across the width of the truck from one side over to the other, and it clips in with gray push style clips up by where the spare tire is. It is considerably longer than the driver side...
  8. Biggiehorn

    TRX Envy

    @Idahoktm Man, I missed all of the excitement! Just noticed your profile photo change and immediately thought "HE DIDN'T" but then came to this thread and noticed that "HE DID!" Congratulations man, that is a beautiful truck. The Lunar Edition has been my favorite edition to date. Happy for you...
  9. Biggiehorn

    New poor edition

    Welcome to the forum! Lol, Idk... I'd absolutely take a massage and a cool breeze down under. Sounds refreshing 😂
  10. Biggiehorn

    What did you do to your Ram today???

    Not annoying at all. Install was a breeze, but these particular brackets do require two small holes per side to be drilled into the bulkhead and they are held in place with rivets. Many look away for that reason, but I can tell you that they’re very secure. I have these lights wired into my...
  11. Biggiehorn

    What did you do to your Ram today???

    Crazy how much of a difference these make. Pricey, but the value is there. I wouldn’t say I was disappointed with just the b2 round muffler, but it definitely left me desiring more. Added their resonator delete about a week later and what a difference. Way more aggressive, with deeper and...
  12. Biggiehorn

    *OFFICIAL Rough Country 3.5 // ReadyLift 3.5 thread.

    Been a minute since last updating mine within this thread. Figured I should do so. ReadyLIFT 3.5” SST Yokohama Geolandar G003 MT 315/70/18 (35.6”x12.4”) Black Rhino Rapid Wheels 18”x9.5” -18mm offset
  13. Biggiehorn

    Biggiehorn's Build Thread

    Will try to address all three comments below. 1. I had the third brake for probably a year or so. I ended up selling it and replacing it with the OEM LED version. I had no issues with the Recon light at all. I just wanted to add the digital rear view mirror, and that requires the OEM LED third...
  14. Biggiehorn

    What did you do to your Ram today???

    Brightsource. They're based in Canada, but do offer free U.S. shipping, and its actually a pretty quick turnaround. Not trying to spam or advertise here, but I do have a 15% off discount code for Brightsource on my IG page if you do decide you want to grab anything. No pressure obviously, but if...
  15. Biggiehorn

    Biggiehorn's Build Thread

    Light it up! Just another quick lighting addition to the rear of the truck. Shortly after adding the Strands light bar and cubes up front, I found a set of matching Siberia cubes that I knew I wanted to eventually add in the rear as a chase light setup. The biggest obstacle was trying to find a...
  16. Biggiehorn

    What did you do to your Ram today???

    Added some chase lights. Or should I say, a state of the art tailgater deterrent system? 😂 Lights are Strands Siberia RP’s. They have the option to run either an amber or red DRL similar to how my A pillar lights have the amber or white DRL. Brackets are a universal style chase light bracket...
  17. Biggiehorn

    Auxbeam lighting

    Many of us are using them. Decent entry level option at the price if looking for a basic switch setup. Those panels are are rebranded and sold under numerous different names. All being pretty much identical from a spec and feature standpoint.
  18. Biggiehorn

    FitCamX dashcam

    Also, is there anything within the settings to flip the camera view? I know many of the dash cams have that option within the app settings. I'm just not sure if it is doable with FitCam or not. Might save you the headache of removing and reapplying if able to adjust it within the app.
  19. Biggiehorn

    FitCamX dashcam

    Use a heat gun to help soften the adhesive. I removed a 3M adhesive pad from my windshield (with window tint applied) and it didn't do any damage. It actually came off pretty easily with a little heat and some patience.